Wreathing havoc…

A few weeks ago I was ready for some holiday decorating to begin around the house.  I was perusing Katie Bower’s blog when I came across her Craft-mas projects she’s done in the past.  I was super excited to come across a wreath.  It definitely seemed like something I could make, especially with my recent crafting binge.  I read around a few different places, to find the best tutorial and here’s what I came up with.  I would need the following items: wreath (I used a 14′ straw wreath – still wrapped in the plastic), yarn (Vanna White’s – who knew she “made” yarn?), felt (for my rosettes -wanna know how to make those) and any other embellishments you’d want to add to the wreath once complete.  I chose a gold, glittery wreath pick.  I ended up having to cut part of the metal off to make it a little shorter than it was.

Here’s how it all went down.  I started with knotting the yarn around the wreath to get it set in place.  I then just looped back and forth through the hole in the center of the wreath, making sure it was as tight as possible and as close together.  Of course, this can’t be perfect, so don’t drive yourself crazy trying!

When I got close to the end, I knotted if off and tucked the loose end underneath the best I could.  Here it is prior to embellishments.

I then got to making my flowers – and I hot glued them in place.  I opted for an off-center placement.  I then stuck the pick into the straw behind the flowers.

Although I do have a wreath hook, I decided to just tie some twine around the wreath, because I felt it added to the rustic chic look I was going for and I stuck that on a nail I had already on my front door.

I decided to try another wreath, which I gave to my friend for her birthday.  For hers I used a multi-colored yarn, which I think turned out super cute!  I also used lots more flowers!

What I really like about these wreaths are their versatility between seasons.  I think it being up right now doesn’t make it a Christmas decoration, but rather a fall decoration; however, once my Christmas lights go up, I think it’ll be the perfect addition to my front door Christmas decor! So cute right?!  Any holiday crafts on your DIY list?!

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