Walk the Line (or foyer…)

First off, let me begin by saying, please, please, please excuse my appearance!  Of course, the best home moments are caught when I tend to be the least attractive version of myself.  I most certainly should have been the one behind the camera last night!  I had gotten home after a particularly long day and lots of travel, and was in my pj’s almost instantly…and then our kid decides to get a second wind and be a walkin’ fool. But before we whipped out the video camera, I couldn’t possibly run and put make up on or do something other than the Wilma Flintstone bun-on-the-top-of-my-head ‘do. But I suppose that’s reality for ya!

Anyways – we took this last night (after Cohen’s bed time) when he decided he would cruise up and down the foyer with his activity walker.  This toy has been so instrumental in Cohen learning to walk and even really just to pull himself to stand before that.  He’s gotten so good at pushing this walker through the foyer and front room, he’ll be walking unassisted in no time!  By the way, can I just say how yummy those fat little legs of his are, and how I love that he just giggles his whole way back and forth between Tim and me!


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