UNO! (Part uno…)

Better late than never, right?! I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things.  It seems as though there’s always some barrier between me and blogging right now! But I’m ready to get out of that funk… starting with Cohen’s birthday party, which we held at our house in early December.  It was absolutely amazing!  Couldn’t have turned out more perfect – and we put some serious time into the details, because hey, our first child only turns 1 once…and it is all about the details. So read on for millions of pics…and loads of fun!

Tim and I wanted to create a super fun backdrop for the party – and many of our details were homemade – those that weren’t, were simple and easy to interpret. What I loved so much about the UNO theme was not having to buy 200 Mickey Mouse plates.  We were able to stick to bright, primary colors and it was still fun and young!  So anyways, about the party…we had it in the basement.  I decided it was best to split this post into 2 parts (much like our party – more on that later).  The first being all the details pertaining to the party (the decorations, food, etc.) and then I’ll have a part deux, which will be party, party, party, in full glory!

Here’s a little warm up…during the decorating process! And yes, that’s a tent/tunnel.  We had to keep the birthday boy occupied during set up, naturally!


So first thing you saw when you walked downstairs was our “1” created from pics of our boy over his first year.  It was a hit, and a great way to show some of our favs of him!

Had a drink station at the bottom of the stairs, near the bar! Note: the cups are alternating UNO colors!  It’s all in the deets!





Present  table on the far end of the basement.  Tissue paper poms overhead for a little fun flair!

Tissue paper poms before we hung them!  Such an inexpensive and simple solution to decorate!

Seating area decorated with balloons tied to a mason jar (which happens to be filled with some mini UNO cards).

I made a banner from cardstock and sweat. Ha.  It was a project, but something we can save and use every year for Cohen’s birthday, because it just says “Happy Birthday Cohen.” Cute AND convenient! I had never done anything like this before, but I really like how it turned out.









Tim did such a great job with all that crete paper!  I’m such a fan of a good swoop, and he delivered!  Ya wanna know what else he rocked?  Those UNO cards made out of foam core board.  They were such a great touch above the food table, and flanked with the tissue paper poms, it was perfection! The little felt banner beneath that was a detail I made…also made a matching one that was attached to the Sir’s high chair.  Again, fun details.

And then there were the beloved food tables!  Because what good party doesn’t have amazing food!? We kept it simple with delish appetizers and finger foods.

The cakes!  For the family party, Cohen had a giant cupcake and then we had multi colored cupcakes with picks I made from mini UNO cards and craft sticks.  I think they turned out great.  I had a “dance mom” from the studio I work at make them – they were funfetti – and scrumptious! For the friend portion, we brought in a mini cake for Cohen to smash, and then had a sheet cake, designed to look like an UNO card.  Also, funfetti and so awesome!  That was made by a local woman, who was recommended to me by a few friends.  She lived up her to reputation.  It was great!






Ok, so have I completely blown your mind yet??  There are just so many great details.  I really think we hit this one out of the park (yes, that’s a sports analogy…just testing it for later – I am a mom of a boy, ya know).  I can’t wait to share all the Cohen details next!  I know those are really what everyone cares about :).

Thanks for tuning in and I will leave you with this little teaser – our family on game day (again with the sports analogies, I know…) in our matching UNO shirts.  Too cute, right?!



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