UNO! (but dos…)

Ok, so to finally wrap up this party…2 months later!  Recap – we threw the party in our basement – and actually we had parties.  We decided it would be best to divide the partying into sessions, if you will.  We knew it would be better for Cohen (and really, everyone) if he got to nap in between and also not have 100 people staring at him…we did the family party first in the afternoon, and then invited friends over in the evening.  We loved doing it like this for multiple reasons.  One of the best reasons was that our family didn’t have to share Cohen with our friends!  Especially those family members that traveled to spend the day with us.  It was great that they were able to clock some serious face time with our special birthday boy!

I hope you enjoy the fun pictures below of our big boy in full on party mode!

The day started with getting Cohen dressed in his UNO onesie  (Tim and I had matching – shirts, not onesies) after a nice nap (Cohen, not us!).


Never mind my weird face.  Focus on his cute little nugget of a face. I was super into styling his hair apparently.

Once the family arrived and we ate some grub, we opened some gifts.  Cohen dug this part, and actually didn’t get nearly as sidetracked as I anticipated.



When it came time to open the gift from Aunt Chelsea (my sister), Cohen needed a play break.  And it couldn’t have been more perfect.  HE LOVED HER GIFT.  She happened to find “Hippobus” from his all time fav show Jungle Junction.  He was thrilled.  And still loves driving Hippo around everywhere!


Then before cake time, we decided to put Cohen in a gift bag. Seemed reasonable.  He was down.

Then it was cake time.  Part one.  At first, he was a bit overwhelmed.  And I don’t blame him.  But he was still cute.


He really wasn’t sure what to make of the giant cupcake.  As you might be able to tell by that stink face he has going on. 

I did a little coaxing and showed him it was ok to dig right in.  He thought about it.  And then with creepy staring by his mommy, he tried his hand (literally) at digging in.


Oh but since you haven’t gotten too messy, let’s take family picture! 🙂

And then, boom!  Boy dominated that!

And then, I got smart, and remembered he would probably need a drink.  And boy, was I right.  He loved him some whole milk!


I think at this point, he may have been in a cake coma…or just couldn’t handle the flash on my camera…either way, he was done.  


I have fewer pictures from the second portion of the evening.  Shocker, I know.  But the second time around, we did cake first, then gifts. This time, he was ready to dig in, while the cake was still on fire! He knew the drill and was ready to go!


We could barely get the candle out in time – and his hand was in that cake.  He meant business!  And he was cute!


One of my favorite pictures of him.  EVER.


He then decided it was time to just dig right in.  Get a big fistful.  And just nom nom nom.  

& then he mistakenly thought it was his milk…

After the second cake extravaganza…my mom gave him a bath, and he opened some gifts from our friends.  Everyone was so generous and he had a great time.  That is a Cozy Coupe.  And is probably one of his favorite toys.  He loves to push that car around the house, get in and out of it and close the door.  It’s too cute and makes him seem so smart and old.

So, there you have it!  Cohen’s birthday bash via lots of pictures!  We had such a wonderful time, and it was so wonderful to get to celebrate Cohen’s first year with all the people who love our son so very much!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, really, for all the help, advice, care, gifts, meals, smooches, etc. over the past year.  You have all made us feel so blessed and loved.  And we know Cohen will grow up feeling the same way!

Stay tuned for many more Seidler family updates to come.  I still plan on doing a catch up of how we spent the rest of the holiday season!

Thanks for reading, as always!


Madison (and Tim, Cohen & Moe)

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