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I was so happy to stumble across these for $2 at Walmart today! These pretty pink tulips complemented by my cheery green vase are just what was needed to liven it up around here. February has never been my favorite month. I’m over winter and still far enough away from spring. I can’t wait to get out my springy candles and get some more sunniness around here!! It’s the small things sometimes!! 🙂 I asked Cohen what he thought of …

Splish splash

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A little midday bath fun. Isn’t he the cutest, cleanest boy ever?! There’s nothing he loves more than playing in the tub. And honestly, it gives me a few minutes to just sit on the bathroom floor and watch him splash around. He’s contained. And content. It’s a definite win for all involved! Happy Wednesday!

Jingle Bells

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We hope you’re having a happy and cozy Saturday morning. We definitely are!