The Beginning

The following is basically a smorgasbord of our early days of 2012.  It didn’t seem like we had much downtime, but I’m also not exactly sure what we did…anyone ever feel like that?  No…just me maybe?

We had some crazy “comfortable” weather in the beginning of January – it was the perfect conditions to take down the outdoor Christmas decorations.  And rather than Tim go it alone, as usual, Cohen and I decided we’d play outside and help Daddy!  He loved being able to play in his Cozy Coupe in the driveway.  He’d only ever driven it around the house and down the hallways!


So suave with the arm out the window, right?!


There was some tricycle building going on, as well.  Cohen got this from his Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Ken for Christmas, and he had fun helping  making it harder for Tim.  So eventually we had to go into hiding so Tim could finish quicker and with less of a choking hazard hanging around! Cohen is very happy with the finished product and loves riding it like a big boy, but also flipping it over and working on the tires (which just means spinning them while mumbling under his breath … not unlike most guys working on cars – aside from actual mechanics that is). 😉


I was even able to force my family to take a nice picture on the hearth together.  Not unlike last year – minus the water retention, sleep deprivation and Christmas decor! This was something I talked and talked and talked about all while the Christmas decorations were out, however, somehow we never got it done.  And then finally, I laid my foot down, made everyone get dressed and forced them with every inch of my being to look happy and smile pretty!  And low and behold, we got some great shots!  It’s great to see how much we’ve grown (or in my case, shrunk, hallelujah) in a year!

And because I’m all about keeping it real – let me just show you what it took to get this…

The tripod was perched very delicately on the back of the couch and the wall…smart, right? That kitchen chair is there because Tim would peek in the viewfinder, make sure we were all set, click “go” on the timer, then jump down, run over and sit all before we said CHEEEEEESE!!  So, as you can imagine, we are very lucky to have as many “good” shots as we do!

Closer to the end of the month we even got some snow action in there!  Cohen had never actually played in the snow, so we decided to break in the snowpants his Great Grandma Barb & Great Grandpa Orlin got him for his birthday.  He didn’t quite fit in the pants yet, but we were able to roll them.  They also got him a matching jacket, but that was definitely still a little big.  We are actually really happy about that, since we know he’ll do lots more playing in the snow next year – assuming we get any…


I seriously don’t think he could be any cuter all bundled up!


We thought it’d be fun to pull him around in the sled…he thought it’d be fun to lay down and relax a little I guess.  Tim and I actually laughed really hard pulling him around because he just laid there.  Too funny!

We even stopped for a little family picture…which was not easy to get given the fact that Cohen weighed about 300 pounds, we were standing in a couple inches of snow and his snow pants were slippery!

Unfortunately, when he decided he was done…he went to a stage 5 meltdown pretty quickly and this was how the experience ended; however, within a few minutes of getting the snow clothes off he was ok!  PHEW! Hopefully some day he’ll be able to talk about that in therapy without crying…

The month ended with a little finger painting for Grandma Michele’s birthday…

The last few days in January were spent in beautiful California.  Hopefully we’ll share a little more extensively about that trip very soon.  It was such a whirlwind January, which doesn’t even include the normal day-to-day craziness, but it was a good one.  Now, thankfully, we are almost through the shortest – but feels like the longest – month of the year, and hopefully it’ll start to warm up so we can do more outside playing! I can’t wait to take Cohen out and let him explore more in the yard.  He’s sure to love it!

I’m also looking forward to work on some projects for the house.  It’s been a minute, and it’s driving me crazy.  With the weather the way it is, I’m anxious to get some sanding, painting, staining done, but want to wait until I can spend more than a few minutes in the garage at a time.  On the agenda, kitchen table/chairs update, foyer table redo, fix up a garage sale chair and side table (which I snagged for $20 combined).  Now I just need to pull out the DIY clothes and get to work…once it’s warmer than 33* and not rain-snowing…shouldn’t be long now!

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