Thanksgiving Recovery

Well now that we have made it through another holiday – Cohen’s last “first holiday” – if that makes any sense at all, I thought I should stop in and see how everyone else is recovering from Turkey Day festivities. Now that we are nearing Cohen’s first birthday (he will have made it through a full year of holidays…sniff sniff). I still can’t believe he’s almost one! Holy cow!

So Thanksgiving — We hosted at our house – for nearly 30 people – and that made for quite the feast (and the mess) – but so much fun! Cohen wasn’t sure what to think about everyone being in the house, but he was such a good boy and was really none-the-wiser to schedule changes and the hustle and bustle. It was wonderful to be able to see Tim’s parents for the past week. It’s always great to have family around the house – and Cohen sure does love spending time with them.

It was such a whirlwind weekend and I wish it wasn’t over. We were able to go see “Fiddler on the Roof” in Chicago on Tuesday, enjoy Thanksgiving at our house Thursday, take Cohen to the Holiday Parade downtown on Friday, go to Brinlee’s first birthday party on Saturday and partake in Friendsgiving 2011 at the Bolson house on Sunday! It was craziness. But so fun!

This morning Tim’s parents gave me a digital camera for my Christmas gift! We unfortunately will not be able to see them until the end of January, but it was so great to get a new camera! My previous camera is probably the first digital camera ever invented so I usually resort to getting out the big, professional Nikon. Don’t get me wrong, that is a great camera, but it’s awesome to have something that does the trick without weighing me down (not to mention I barely I know how to use the big Nikon). Anyways, Cohen and I had great fun testing out the new camera this morning! I know there’s so much more – picture wise – from the weekend, so hopefully there’ll be a post with those to follow!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday…perhaps also filled with family, friends, babies and new cameras?!


The Seidlers!

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