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Wreathing havoc…

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A few weeks ago I was ready for some holiday decorating to begin around the house.  I was perusing Katie Bower’s blog when I came across her Craft-mas projects she’s done in the past.  I was super excited to come across a wreath.  It definitely seemed like something I could make, especially with my recent crafting binge.  I read around a few different places, to find the best tutorial and here’s what I came up with.  I would need the following items: wreath (I used a 14′ straw wreath – still wrapped in the plastic), yarn (Vanna White’s – who knew she “made” yarn?), felt (for my rosettes -wanna know how to make those) and any other embellishments you’d want to add to the wreath once complete.  I chose a gold, glittery wreath pick.  I ended up having to cut part of the metal off to make it a little shorter than it was.

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