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The Masters

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Tim gave Cohen his first golf lesson this afternoon! It was really cute and Cohen actually got the hang of trying to hit the ball with the club. And I must note that these are Cohen’s own clubs. His first!



Easter Festivities

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Friday night we decided to try coloring eggs with Cohen.  I fully knew it would be a bigger mess than anything, but still wanted the experience with him and hoped we’d have a little fun, too!  We definitely made a mess, but also had fun.  I think we got 7 really ugly eggs out of it!  🙂


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Cohen, lately

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With this super warm and awesome end of winter/transition into spring, we have been getting out of the house a lot more than I even anticipated and it’s been great!  We have played outside, taken walks, gone to the park and even a super fun children’s museum. Note: some photos are pre-haircut and some are after.  Hopefully I can get my act together and get the actual haircut photos/videos here soon.  Because I held him for that, the photos are on Tim’s camera and Tim’s phone…so it’s more difficult for me attain those photos.

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I’m still working on gathering all the vacation photos, haircut photos and videos and new carpet photos (we are in serious need of a new organizational plan for our photos and videos – hopefully soon)…so in the meantime I thought I would share two videos of Cohen.  The first is from a couple weeks ago when I taught him how to drink with a straw, and the second is from today!  He’s getting so big and so smart!  It’s great to be able to capture these moments on video!

Hope you enjoy!



The Beginning

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The following is basically a smorgasbord of our early days of 2012.  It didn’t seem like we had much downtime, but I’m also not exactly sure what we did…anyone ever feel like that?  No…just me maybe?

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