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Vacation all I ever wanted

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We are having such an amazing time visiting Tim’s parents in California. I just had to share a few pictures tonight!

We’ve had fun at a fancy dinner, taken an awkward family picture (courtesy of a squirmy toddler), spent time at the ocean, took a walk, had fun during dinner, had a great time at a kids’ park, and enjoyed some gorgeous sunsets! I will most certainly do a comprehensive photo-journalistic post sometime soon with all the details of our vacation.

Maybe after I finally get around to posting about Cohen’s birthday and Christmas. Now that it’s almost Valentine’s day, right?! Yikes!!!

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Don’t just stand there…

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…bounce a move?!

Cohen has taken to dancing…not all the time, and not to the usual suspects.  But he sometimes just decides it’s time to give it a little bounce, and that’s what he does…just a little bounce…gently, so as not to disrupt anyone, or get too out of hand.  Luckily this morning, Grandma Michele was able to capture some of this magic while he was hanging at her house!  She was able to get a decent amount of this dance party recorded before he caught wind of her shenanigans and came in for the surprise smooch attack.

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Splish splash

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A little midday bath fun. Isn’t he the cutest, cleanest boy ever?! There’s nothing he loves more than playing in the tub. And honestly, it gives me a few minutes to just sit on the bathroom floor and watch him splash around. He’s contained. And content. It’s a definite win for all involved! Happy Wednesday!

You better not pout, you better not cry…

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Merry Christmas from The Seidler Family!  We hope you have a day filled with laughter (until you cry), food (until you’re so full you could cry) and family (who might make you cry).

Thanks for always checking in on us!  We have had a wonderful day already…and it’s just getting started!


Tim, Madison, Cohen & Moe


We got ourselves a one year old, folks!

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but trust me if you sit tight, you’ll be so loaded down with Seidler Family posts, you won’t know what to do with yourself.  I’m hoping to crawl out of the black hole I’ve been in and get my bearings in the next few days and start my updates again.  There’s so much we want to share…our home/craft projects, our big boy’s 1st birthday party details and just more awesome stuff!  So stay tuned, because we’ll be back in the full swing of things here shortly!  For now, though, please enjoy these 2 yummy pics of our birthday boy last night!  He was having so much celebrating!