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Cohen, Cohen, Cohen

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For our Christmas cards, we planned on using a family picture that my cousin at Photographie 51 took, however, during an impromptu photo shoot with Cohen one night, we found the greatest picture to use!

We also got some other great shots of him, and it was a lot of fun.  I think it’s nice when it happens more organically, instead of the pressure of posed photos when you NEED them to work.  🙂 This was definitely the case here!

So scroll on through for the scoop on our photoshoot!

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How we spent our Christmas!

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We started our Christmas celebrations by doing lots and lots of baking on Christmas Eve.  I made spiced walnuts and no bake chocolate cookies.  Tim made his homemade fudge.  YUM!  Then we went to church together, which was great!  After the service, we were able to get a few pictures together, too, which is nice.  We actually got one last year, too, when Cohen was a teeny, tiny 10 day old baby.  So great.  Much like a lot of the other photos we take, I love being able to have a new “version” each year to look back on.



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Some Winter Fun!

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Over the holiday season, there were a few things that just had to be checked off the list – including visiting Santa!  We hadn’t taken Cohen last year, because he was born on the 14th, and I figured handing him over to a Santa who had probably been sneezed all over multiple times was not the smartest idea.  So we wanted to make extra sure that we took Cohen to meet Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick this year – and what better place to do that than Bass Pro Shop!?  HUH?!  Yah, the idea seemed weird to me, too, but we had heard they turned the store into a winter wonderland and it was a great Santa visit.  What we didn’t hear, though, is that you’d potentially have to wait 3+ hours when you got there.  That happened to us.  And we didn’t want to wait.  We knew Cohen would get super grouchy without an afternoon nap.  But because we had never been to Bass Pro Shops we decided to make the best of the 45 minute drive we had taken, and we wandered around the store.  It was actually a pretty cool place and a fun afternoon!

They had these huge tanks full of fish when you walk into the store.  Cohen was super intrigued.

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UNO! (but dos…)

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Ok, so to finally wrap up this party…2 months later!  Recap – we threw the party in our basement – and actually we had parties.  We decided it would be best to divide the partying into sessions, if you will.  We knew it would be better for Cohen (and really, everyone) if he got to nap in between and also not have 100 people staring at him…we did the family party first in the afternoon, and then invited friends over in the evening.  We loved doing it like this for multiple reasons.  One of the best reasons was that our family didn’t have to share Cohen with our friends!  Especially those family members that traveled to spend the day with us.  It was great that they were able to clock some serious face time with our special birthday boy!

I hope you enjoy the fun pictures below of our big boy in full on party mode!

The day started with getting Cohen dressed in his UNO onesie  (Tim and I had matching – shirts, not onesies) after a nice nap (Cohen, not us!).

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UNO! (Part uno…)

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Better late than never, right?! I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things.  It seems as though there’s always some barrier between me and blogging right now! But I’m ready to get out of that funk… starting with Cohen’s birthday party, which we held at our house in early December.  It was absolutely amazing!  Couldn’t have turned out more perfect – and we put some serious time into the details, because hey, our first child only turns 1 once…and it is all about the details. So read on for millions of pics…and loads of fun!

Tim and I wanted to create a super fun backdrop for the party – and many of our details were homemade – those that weren’t, were simple and easy to interpret. What I loved so much about the UNO theme was not having to buy 200 Mickey Mouse plates.  We were able to stick to bright, primary colors and it was still fun and young!  So anyways, about the party…we had it in the basement.  I decided it was best to split this post into 2 parts (much like our party – more on that later).  The first being all the details pertaining to the party (the decorations, food, etc.) and then I’ll have a part deux, which will be party, party, party, in full glory!

Here’s a little warm up…during the decorating process! And yes, that’s a tent/tunnel.  We had to keep the birthday boy occupied during set up, naturally!


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