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A few weeks ago, while staring at my fabulous hurricane vase from Crate and Barrel, I realized I just wasn’t doing it the justice it deserved.  During Christmas, we put brightly colored ornaments in there, and it really is very pretty, but for the remainder of the year, it is a pretty lackluster piece.  I decided it needed some revamping – and it should be inexpensive (DUH!) but also very fun because I wanted to put the vase on my dining room table.

I went to Walmart and purchased 2 bags of white beans, 1 bag of kidney beans and 1 bag of pinto beans.  I dumped them into the vase in a pattern of white, red, green, and then topped off with white, stuck a candle (that I already owned, boom!) in there and voila!  It looks so great; I also flanked it with two pinecones I had sitting around, and stuck a gourd we got from Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm visit.  You can read about that here.  It sits on top of my super quickly made burlap table runner.  This is just made from a long scrap piece of burlap from when I made my cornices.  You can read about how I made those here.  Works great, and fits with the overall look!  I couldn’t be more pleased with how the whole tablescape turned out!

The candle is melting in the weirdest way…

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