Table for two!

When my mom got a new table a few years ago, she passed down her old kitchen table.  It was in good condition, but only had two chairs left.  This has worked fine in our kitchen, because we have limited “eat-in” space and there’s only been 2 of us needing chairs.  Whenever we have more family over for dinner, we eat at the dining room table, which fits 6.  So anyways, this table was a lighter wood color, and although it wasn’t ever my first choice of color, it was free and it worked.  Both are HUGE checks in my box.  Lately, though, because I love a project, I decided it was time to spruce the table up.  It needed a refresher and so did our kitchen.

I read a few blogs about redoing kitchen tables, and the like and I decided I would take this on!  I couldn’t wait.  I decided I was going to sand down and stain the top the same color that we did our cabinets a few years ago.  But…I would saturate the wood much more, so it would be darker and still stand out in the kitchen.  I chose to paint the base white, and then because I’m crazy I thought I’d paint the chairs sun yellow.  Yep, you’re probably having the same reaction everyone else did when I told them I was painting the chairs yellow.  Silence.  On the line.  In person.  However I told someone…it was silent, and usually followed by an unsure “cool” or “fun.” haha.  I wasn’t scared though.  I wanted something that would stand out against the turquoise wall and complement the artwork on the back wall.  And I didn’t want green, because I’ve already accented a lot with that.  And white would just be too drab.  I wanted fun.  And sun yellow was fun.

I started by having Tim get the table outside for me.  It was too big for me to move by myself, so this project was done on a Saturday/Sunday when I had my super strong husband around to help with the heavy lifting! 🙂  I started by using some super heavy grit sandpaper on the top and sides.  I intentionally wore down some areas more than others.  I wanted to make sure that the stain went on darker in some spots – keep it “vintage” looking.  (And nevermind the light fixtures in some of the pic backgrounds – we were also in the process of spraying those to be new looking again – along with our mailbox.)



I wiped down the top and sides with wet paper towel first and then a tack cloth before staining – just to be extra sure it was dust free.  


Next up I primed the base. I made sure to do a few coats of this so that the paint would adhere easily and get great coverage. Side note: I did not sand the base first.  Which I am happy about because it would have been nuts to try and get in all those nooks and crannies.  It worked out fine though just priming!


I used the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Primer 2x Coverage in White.  


Now it was time to stain the top.  I used a foam brush, let it sink in a minute and then wiped with paper towel.  In retrospect, I do wish I would have gotten on my cloths I had used to stain the cabinets, because it is neither eco-friendly or wallet-friendly to use paper towel! 🙂  You can see in the picture how the stain absorbed differently in certain areas.  This was the look I was going for but if you wanted it to accept it more evenly, you’d have to make sure to do a very even sanding.  Which can definitely be more difficult.



Then it was time to spray the base.  We had moved in the garage, because of course, the storm clouds rolled in and the wind picked up big time – before raining! On my reno parade! I did 2 coats of gloss white.  Also by Rustoleum.  Went on super easy because of the primer and looked great.  The gloss adds such a nice sheen to it!

In between base coats, I poly-ed the top.  It was non stop, let me tell you!  With the poly, I made sure to sand in between coats, using…you guessed it – in between coat sandpaper.  It was about 220-250 grit, somewhere in there.  I love the way the poly brings out the color even more.  Oh and speaking of that, for stain I used the Minwax Dark Walnut Finish.


Then it was time for the chairs.  I started by priming these the same as I did the table base.  These took a lot of primer because of all the spindles and crevices…so much primer I had to do a mid-project Menards run – in my painting clothes, with paint on my legs, hands, face, hair and a very disgusting ponytail as my ‘do.  I’m sure I looked real special.  But I was on a mission.


One coat was certainly not enough.  Two was better.  But it came out splotchy, so three light and airy mists was the best application.


Then it came time for this bad boy’s special appearance.

I held my breath and let ‘er rip!  And boy did it look magical.  A couple coats later, I had two sunny and gorgeous chairs!


My supervisor approved.  But don’t worry, he was not around while any fumes were being inhaled.  He just came for a quick looksy.

We ended up letting the table and chairs sit outside until Monday evening when the muscles got home from work.  I wanted to make sure they had ample time to cure and stuff before being abused by the fam.  Even after moving them inside, though, I have found that I want to give the chairs one more coat of paint and then a clear gloss coat for added protection, and want to do one more sanding of the table top and a few more coats of poly.  However, until I can get a minute to spend out there again — table and chair-less — it’s a great improvement from where we started.  What do you think??

I think it looks great against the blue wall, crisp white curtains and accents!


Never mind the scariness in the background here…pantry open, and mess of toys, too…EEK!

Lastly, got some early morning pictures of the whole look.  So pretty, and sun-shiney!  Makes me happy just looking at it!

So there ya have it – our little table makeover!  I’m super excited with how it turned out! It looks like a brand new table and really breathes new life into the whole kitchen!

Coming up:: NEW CARPET! :))))



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