Some Winter Fun!

Over the holiday season, there were a few things that just had to be checked off the list – including visiting Santa!  We hadn’t taken Cohen last year, because he was born on the 14th, and I figured handing him over to a Santa who had probably been sneezed all over multiple times was not the smartest idea.  So we wanted to make extra sure that we took Cohen to meet Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick this year – and what better place to do that than Bass Pro Shop!?  HUH?!  Yah, the idea seemed weird to me, too, but we had heard they turned the store into a winter wonderland and it was a great Santa visit.  What we didn’t hear, though, is that you’d potentially have to wait 3+ hours when you got there.  That happened to us.  And we didn’t want to wait.  We knew Cohen would get super grouchy without an afternoon nap.  But because we had never been to Bass Pro Shops we decided to make the best of the 45 minute drive we had taken, and we wandered around the store.  It was actually a pretty cool place and a fun afternoon!

They had these huge tanks full of fish when you walk into the store.  Cohen was super intrigued.


We thought it would be fun to just stand “near” Santa and snap a few pics.  Luckily, we were able to get away with it – quickly – however, within about 3 seconds of this picture, a BPS employee walked toward us. We assumed we were breaking laws and stuff.  Rebels.


Then there was this nice woman who offered to take a family picture of us in front of all the trees.  So that was a great addition.  Too bad we are one awkward looking family.  🙂


Then there was this bear.  Cohen wasn’t too sure of him.  And in all honesty, neither was I.  

Then we wandered upstairs to the camping supplies.  This was fun.  We just let Cohen cut loose for a few minutes.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Look at him testing this little lawn chair out.  So cute, right?!


Little goofball loved chasing after his stroller.


Ok, so this was about visiting Santa, ya know? And because we didn’t get to see Santa this day – we had to fit that in somewhere! So the next weekend we made sure to go see the bearded man!  And turns out, Cohen wasn’t a fan.  Maybe because this Santa was not so jolly.  Oh well.  We got our shot and moved on! 🙂

Thanks for reading!  I’ll be back later with even more winter fun!  We’ve been busy, and we have lots of pics to document it!

Oh – and Happy Valentine’s Day.  haha.  Hard to remember that, while going back 2 months time.



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