Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm

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Every year before Halloween, my parents took my sister and me to Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm – sidenote: every year I also tried to convince them that bringing home a calico kitten was a good idea…never happened – anyways, we always picked out our pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, etc.  Got the run around, go through the corn maze, and when we were older (and not scared) we went through the Haunted House.  It was always a great time and something we looked forward to every year.

Excuse the extremely poor quality of the photos below – they are photos of photos!

Me in the back left & my younger sister, Chelsea, on the right at Dollinger's in '89-'90.

A few years later – carving pumpkins with Dad – never mind my pin up pose…

Cut to when Tim and I started dating – we still went every year, walked around, picked out pumpkins, etc. and always thought how fun it’d be to bring our kids someday. Last year we went and got our pumpkins (I was about 7 months pregnant with my own pumpkin) and we ran into our friends Brian and Emily.  Their  daughter, Brinlee (aka Sandy Olsson- you can view her starring role here) is 12 days older than Cohen.  We snapped many of these pics during our pregnancies!

So you can imagine our excitement this year when we got to bring our giggly, squirrely 10 month old boy!  We had so much fun, although he was initially unsure of being stuck in the center of a bunch of big, orange things.

Tim showing Cohen the pumpkins

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Boo Radley

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Our yard…there’s so much landscaping. And Tim and I have the lightest shade of green thumbs you could ever imagine, so when it comes to maintaining said landscape, it’s a little daunting. Last year, with the help of my parents we pulled weeds and beautified…this year, we had an infant, Tim had more side jobs and so there was a lot less beautifying of the yard. Just getting the lawn mowed seemed like a chore; I mean, I guess it technically is a chore, but it was one that seemed harder to cross off the list. Before we knew it, our yard looked a lot like that of Boo Radley’s from To Kill a Mockingbird. I mean, I’m not so sure he had crap landscaping, but I do know it was scary and that was what our yard had become.

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Let there be light…prettier light, that is!

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While on my crazy crafting binge, I decided to take on the project that I saw that sort of inspired this whole “hey, I can be a DIY-er.”  This project can be found here.  It was my chandelier inspiration from John & Sherry at Young House Love.  They made it seem so simple to transform an outdated light fixture into one that is modern and fitting for your space.  You’ll see on theirs that they added a shade, as well, but I really liked the shape of ours over our dining room table, but the brass is old and just not “us.”  I told Tim about my brainy idea, and he seemed on board.  Because we’re lucky like that, we also had brass sconces and another chandelier-y fixture in the entryway of the house, so we decided to do all 4 fixtures together.


Since we are technically renters, we went with an heirloom white spray paint because it does match really well with our vintage dining table and chairs, the walls, etc. and it’s not crazy like the bright yellow I would’ve loved to do since who knows, we might not be here forever!  I mean, it all reality, no one is here forever – that whole circle of life thing and all.  ha.

For this project, I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Primer in white and paint in Heirloom White. The coverage was awesome for this project and I don’t think I even needed as many coats as I did.  But because this was my first time trying something like this, I was being extra careful.

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Walk the Line (or foyer…)

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First off, let me begin by saying, please, please, please excuse my appearance!  Of course, the best home moments are caught when I tend to be the least attractive version of myself.  I most certainly should have been the one behind the camera last night!  I had gotten home after a particularly long day and lots of travel, and was in my pj’s almost instantly…and then our kid decides to get a second wind and be a walkin’ fool. But before we whipped out the video camera, I couldn’t possibly run and put make up on or do something other than the Wilma Flintstone bun-on-the-top-of-my-head ‘do. But I suppose that’s reality for ya!

Anyways – we took this last night (after Cohen’s bed time) when he decided he would cruise up and down the foyer with his activity walker.  This toy has been so instrumental in Cohen learning to walk and even really just to pull himself to stand before that.  He’s gotten so good at pushing this walker through the foyer and front room, he’ll be walking unassisted in no time!  By the way, can I just say how yummy those fat little legs of his are, and how I love that he just giggles his whole way back and forth between Tim and me!


Cornice Boxes!

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Next up on my to-do list was adding some new window treatments to our front room.  As I had said before, this room was super under-utilized prior to this summer.  It literally had the following hand-me-downs: couch and loveseat, end table, bookcase and then of course, the found-on-the-side-of-the-road funeral home lamp.  All of Cohen’s toys were kept out here, though, and it gets great natural light during the day through the huge windows (4 of them) and when you open said windows up and turn on the whole house fan, the breeze is amazing in this has-no-central-air home!  Also, without the fireplace to crack his head open on, the room was definitely just a safer option for Cohen to play in.  He can’t get into as much from this room, and it’s nice knowing he can explore without the risk of needing stitches, getting into Moe’s food, etc.

So because we were spending so much time out here this summer, I decided to start to comfify (invented word) the room. Started with adding our Ikea entertainment stand from our apartment in Chicago 5 years ago…which was just sitting in the basement, as well as the TV that was in our master bedroom.  We never watched TV in our room anymore, so this actually made more sense for the money we were spending on cable, anyways.  This matched the Ikea bookcase that was given to us by my dad at our old house, so it worked well.  Then I hung a few pictures on the wall with a sign we had received at our wedding shower – over 3 years ago – that had still never been hung up.  We were getting closer.  Next up, was the lamp.  See how I did that here.  As you can see below in that horrible IPhone photo (why is it so blurry?  I must have been running by as I took it??) there were just those photos on the wall, in old frames we found in the garage, but still the ugg lamp and naked windows!!  ICK!

Excuse the low-quality, messy room "before" photo!

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