Stair stepper

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Because Cohen didn’t think he had us on our toes enough already, he decided it was time to climb the stairs.  This happened 2 weekends ago – the day we decorated for Christmas and did other odd jobs around the house for like 15 hour straight.  We were decorating the basement and Tim ran upstairs for something…but when he comes back down the stairs he calls me over…our kid is THREE STAIRS UP!!!  Could have been worse, of course, but still it created a whole other obstacle for us.  This was the case the rest of that night, as well as Thanksgiving, since that’s where we ate/hung out…

Luckily we don’t spend a super large amount of time in the basement, so it really doesn’t affect us too much, but either way, it’s still another sign that our baby isn’t much of a baby anymore…cue tears from Mamacita here…

So here he is – climbing the basement stairs for the first time.  Little stinker.  Oh and nevermind my creepy appearance – for some reason I have this weird pony tail ‘do that reminds me of those Jewish folk that wear those braided long sideburns.  haha.  It had been an incredibly long day…



Christmas Craft-mas

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As I said previously, I have been making some Christmas crafts as of late.  It’s really helped spruce up our decor and has certainly helped me get in the Christmas spirit.

I thought I’d share how I made a few of my new decorations/accessories.

The first is a few new ornaments I crafted! For this, you’ll need clear glass ornaments (or you could even use colored ornaments you already have if you prefer to have the color show through!), mosaic pieces and glue (I used my trusty hot glue gun).

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Jingle Bells

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We hope you’re having a happy and cozy Saturday morning. We definitely are!



Aint nothin’ but a “C” thing baby!

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Cohen and I were so busy today running errands all over the place.  But first, we had a nutritious lunch.  And if there’s one thing the boy likes it’s his “cookies” which are just Nilla Wafers – and he’s gets 2-4 at the end of his meals…and then he looks like this!  


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on spreading the holiday cheer around our house!  I love when our house is decorated for Christmas – I think it’s the coziest time of year at Casa de Seidler and I look forward to it all year long!  This year felt very reminiscent of last…I really wanted to get the holiday decorations up in time for Thanksgiving.  Yeah, I know that the Pilgrims should have their time and all, but what can I say, I really love me some Christmas decorations.  Last year, I wanted to get them up before Baby Seidler was born, and actually be able to enjoy them without feeling the pressure to get the house decorated while in the early stages of labor (because yes, I am that crazy and would have made Tim decorate the house with me while contracting!).  And notice in the photos below, we used the small white tree upstairs last year because we decided not to decorate the basement since we wouldn’t be hosting any get togethers in December…but boy, it looked so bare in the family room (compared to this year, where it’s wayyyy cozier!).  This photo couldn’t have been more than a few weeks before having Cohen – crazy how it’s almost been a year now!  AH!


This year, we were hosting Thanksgiving, and I knew the coming weeks would be crazy, so it seemed appropriate and necessary to deck the halls early!  We have definitely made some changes to the family room since this time last year, and I’ve also been crafting away to add some new decor to our holiday repertoire this year.

This includes::

Mosaic ornaments – which I displayed in my new blue dish!











An updated version of my oh-so-hideous tree skirt!


Why is it so difficult to take a nice picture of a tree? I swear, it’s much more beautiful than this picture lets on…7-8′ Frasier Fir! My fav!

A homemade Advent Calendar – complete with an ornament to hang each day and an activity to complete! 🙂 I can’t wait to start this tonight! 



And lastly – a new way to display the Christmas cards we receive!  We got our first one today!  Yay for Kelly Bols – making the rest of us look like slackers!

Can’t forget my yarn wreath, too, on the front door!  I love this because it was great for fall and now for winter!  How wonderful!  I love how the Christmas spirit and coziness is all through our house now!  Hopefully I’ll be able to break down how I completed some of these projects over the next few days!  They were all so super simple – and most were zero dinero!

We are now in birthday party planning mode!  Cohen will be 1 in less than 2 weeks and we have his party the weekend after next!  Today I made my master list of TO DO and TO BUY so tomorrow I must get going on that.  Luckily we are keeping it simple with an UNO theme – so I’ll be sticking to primary colored decorations with bright pops everywhere in the balloons, poofs, tableware etc!  I can’t wait!  But at the same time I can…because it means my Bubba Scoobs is 1…holy moly!

More on the Christmas decorations and party planning later!  Happy December everyone!