Cohen’s First Halloween

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Last year at Halloween – I was hugely pregnant (eek) and sick.  Figures!  Luckily, we get maybe 3 Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood, so that didn’t matter.  As I laid there last year, so completely miserable from having THE WORST FLU EVER, I thought about how next year would be so different and fun and I couldn’t wait to go so over-the-top for our bambino’s first Halloween.  While I don’t think we ended up being as crazy as I initially thought I would be (but I guess it depends on what your crazy scale looks like), we did have an absolutely great time!

It started the Tuesday before Halloween – Cohen got to dress up for lap sit story time at our local library!  For this, he wore his cow costume from Pottery Barn Kids!  He was soooooo cute, I couldn’t stand it.  Not to mention – the little stinker left his hood on THE ENTIRE TIME!  What a champ…err, calf?!  A few of the older kids in his lap sit group kept moo-ing at him, which made him give them the “why the heck are you doing that in my face?” look.  BEST LOOK EVER!  He had a great time, but was also pretty happy to get that costume off!

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A Pinteresting Challenge

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I’ve always thought people who crafted were cool – and practical – and all that good stuff. I also knew thought that I would never be able to do anything remotely close to what these people accomplish…but then I came across Pinterest and my un-crafty days are now far behind me.  I think my initial issue with home decorating was that I was under the seriously skewed view of how to go about decorating your home (not that I’m some Jedi Master after a few weeks on Pinterest).  I just figured you had to have money to purchase the best items since there was no way in-you-know-what I was going to be able to craft anything so grand.

Through my pinning, pinning and re-pinning, I somehow came across a spray painted chandelier (more to come on that later), which led me to the super awesome blog of John & Sherry Petersik at Young House Love.  They are beyond amazing when it comes to home redesign and decorating and I have about eleventy million ideas from them.  While browsing their blog I came across someone equally fantastic Katie Bower at Bower Power.  Not only do they both have young kids (about 6 months older than Cohen), they are both crazy DIY-ers and stay at home moms.  I can relate to this now that I’m home with Cohen and trying to pave my way into the whole DIY life.

Of course, when we moved into this house 2 years ago, Tim and I went CRAZYYYY making updates (refinishing the cabinets anyone?), as well as painting a bajillion rooms, scraping wallpaper, hanging light fixtures (yeah, who knew Tim dabbled in electrical work…not this girl!) and overall just trying to make our new digs a comfortable home. And then we stopped.  Completely.  We were burnt out.  I’m sort of a slave driver when we are working, and I can see how we just about killed ourselves with these projects. Sun up ’til sun down we worked.  It was nuts. Read more

Holy Cow!

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Ok, we realize we have completely slacked on our original attempts to be a blogging family. But, as can be expected with adding another human being to your life, things have been hectic and side projects, jobs, crafts, lapsit storytime, etc. have all gotten in the way of making sure we kept our extended family in the know. So now, here I am again hoping to update you (in a nutshell) on the goings-on in our family of 4 (furry babies count in our family) while also PROMISING to keep you all more in the loop now of all things Seidler.

In May, we had Cohen baptized at Immaculate Conception in Morris. It was an awesome weekend, filled with lots of family, friends and food. It’s great to know that Cohen was baptized in the church I grew up, we were married in, and by the same Deacon that married us. Deacon Bob actually passed away on September 10 and since then the new church has been completed in Morris – meaning the old church will soon be knocked down. This makes Cohen’s baptism that much more special.

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Cohen and Moe

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I’m a BIG BOY!

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What is this stuff? What is going on here?

Yesterday we had our first solid food experience – if that’s what you can call it. We did a very runny, rice cereal for dinner and Cohen did surprisingly well. He was a little bit confused as to what was going on, but he sure does like sitting in his high chair! I know it’ll take some getting used to for all of us, but we are looking forward to it!

Still gotta get those hands in my mouth!

Cohen loved to make a bigger mess than I was making just trying to get the cereal in his mouth! He always has to have his hands in his mouth – and this time was no exception. Overall, our first experience was pretty good – only a few minor meltdowns. We’ll see how it goes tonight when we try again. Baby steps!

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