Our Anniversary!

Obviously this poor blog has fallen by the wayside. I swear, I always have the best intentions, but between the two kids, the dog (who I swear gets needier with each passing day), this house, my stay-at-home-full-time-working-mom status, the book blog, Tim’s full time job, his side stuff, there’s just not much left in the day. Really. I go to bed about 3:15 each day. Alarm goes off about 5:45. It’s madness. But, so far, it’s working.

Today, though, we celebrate 5 years of marriage. It’s absolutely insane. I was just telling Tim how I SWEAR we were just in high school, and somehow, we’ve graduated college, found our career niches, married, have set up somewhat successful lives, HAD 2 KIDS, and now been married 5 years (on top of more THAN A DECADE of being together). It’s so bizarre to think about. I can’t really wrap my head around it, honestly. I still feel like I’m 17 a lot of the day. I suppose that’s a good thing, right. I’d rather stay young in mind, but just try and make more mature decisions. Try. 🙂

So, for our anniversary, I wasn’t sure what to get Tim, but I knew I wanted it to be something cool. I feel like I usually get him something I think he’ll like, but never truly hit it out of the park. With my recent self-reflection on where the hell the last 11 years went, I realized we’ve yet to organize our decades worth of pictures, videos, etc. I hate what a mess they all are, and so, while I didn’t suddenly organize them, I did spend about 5 weeks filtering through them, watching, pulling apart, organizing in folders, etc. I contacted a girl who I know through my book world (she does book trailers, similar to movie trailers), and enlisted her help in creating a video with pics and video clips. I thought this would be a great gift (for both of us), but also just a great way to have a decent amount of somewhat organized memories! I tried to start at the beginning and capture as much as I could. Becca exceeded my expectations when it came to presentation, and somehow worked wonders (and kept it under 20 mins). I’ve watched this quite a few times already (cried every time!).

After showing it to Tim last night, it was fun to reflect on all we’ve accomplished in our time together so far, not to mention comment on my hair color, length, and of course, the fluctuations in our weight! 😉 I’ve always loved a video montage in movies and tv shows, so why not make one for our lives? Seemed perfect. And it is. It made us realize we’re not doing too shabby, that’s for sure! Cohen even enjoyed seeing the pictures of us when we were first dating, and when he was in my tummy, and again as a baby. It was neat to watch with him and see his reactions to all that.

So, with that, hope you enjoy this 17 1/2 minutes if you care to watch! And happy anniversary to us! Here’s to many more years, hair cuts, colors, hopefully no more weight, and definitely no more kids! 😉

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