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As promised here’s my new carpet report, but only a few days late, because, well that’s how I do it around here.  At least, when it comes to this blog.  Everything else I’m usually at least 15 minutes early for.  Because timeliness is important to me.  Except here.  Sorry.

Anyways, we got new carpet.  Thanks to Tim’s wonderful parents.  The other stuff just wasn’t cutting the mustard, or the rug, or anything else you cut.  In the front room, we had the burgundy carpet, that had some stain/moisture issues, where no matter how often I shampooed, and how vigorously, I couldn’t get the smell out. In fact, it was getting worse.  And in the family room, we had the white berber, which because it was white, had worn down – a lot – over time.  So luckily, they were the greatest in-laws/parents/landlords ever and agreed to change things up for us.  It has been the squishiest week ever spent in this house.  Disclaimer:: I’m a huge germaphobe.  Like timeliness, cleanliness is insanely important to me.  I have a hard time with carpet, because I’m so weirded out that I feel like it always needs to be replaced in between “tenants.”  Because there were 2 other families living in the house between Tim’s parents and us – I always felt like I couldn’t get their dirt out – so I’m soooo eternally grateful for the new carpet.  For my sake (because I’m crazy, as previously mentioned) and for Cohen’s sake because he loves to play on the floor – and eat stuff off the floor! 🙂  And also for Moe’s sake, because he spends so much time on the floor.  So all around we love the new carpet.

So how about some photos?!  It all started last Sunday when we ripped up the carpet…well first we emptied the two rooms – into the dining room – and partially our bedroom.  That was fun.  Thanks again to Tim for his big, strong muscles there!

But first, I must show some good ol’ fashioned Cohen photos.  Tim busted out this large roll of thick backdrop paper that he doesn’t need anymore, and we let Cohen go to town with crayons.  So cute and boy is this kid smart!  Although Tim and I did enjoy some coloring too! 🙂

Ok, now to clearing out the rooms and prepping for the install.  Cohen went down for his morning nap and we got to work.  Finally, right?! Here’s the emptied out rooms – before the vacuum went through them.  Ick – or as Cohen says Gick Gick.

And here’s all our stuff in the dining room!

At this point, the rooms were cleared and ready for carpet removal.  And Cohen was awake.  So I took Cohen and we went to Grandma Michele’s, then Menards and then Grandpa Steve’s before needing another nap (him, not me).  We got home to see this…  (We went to Menards to get BIN by Zinsser Shellac-Based primer.  This was to cover the stains on the subfloor.  It prevents odors from seeping back up or spreading.  We wanted to guarantee we wouldn’t have any more issues with smelliness, etc.)  Tim had applied this in the front room while we were gone because it is strong smelling and something we wanted to avoid Cohen inhaling.

Then Tim finished removing the pad and all 1800ish staples from the floor and I put the primer down in the family room. I figured it was time I chip in on this process, since I had been on Cohen duty all day and he was sleeping…until I started…at which point he woke up.

After we got Cohen up we headed to my mom’s for the evening.  We didn’t want to be around 1-the shellac smell or 2-the tack strips around the perimeters of the room.  We stayed there until it was time to get Cohen to bed.  Next morning, carpet install!  And literally, I could barely sleep.  I was so excited.  It was like a kid at Christmas … or me at Christmas, now.  Whatever.

The installers got to the house at about 8:15 and they got right to work.  Cohen and I hung out in the bedroom that morning.  Had breakfast, played toys, peeked at the installers, watched Finding Nemo.  Regular Monday stuff…except in the master bedroom, and the peeking at installers, of course.

Oh and here’s a glimpse to the spill over of stuff into our room…

& a peek at the installation progress… We went with the upgraded 8# pad with the StainMaster moisture barrier, by the way.  And the carpet is MoHawk Trixecta frieze in Croissant.

Then after a little more playtime under our belts, we came out for another sneak peek and saw the carpet was starting to go down!! 🙂 But yes, I must say I was slightly annoyed they didn’t have booties on those shoes…and they also didn’t refrain from taking a super long – like 25 minutes long – smoke break (in the rain) during the install – and then came back inside sans booties again.  Oh well.  Always the germaphobe/dirt police, I guess.



And now for some “after” but “before” photos…(after install, before furniture)





Thanks to my Dad and Steve Turk for coming over after the installation to help me (but by help, I mean do) load the furniture back into the rooms.  I am sure Tim was also super appreciative he didn’t have to do that part when he got home from work!

We also decided that we’d rearrange the front room/living room furniture to basically be on the exact opposite wall.  This opened up a lot more room for Cohen’s toys and really just the furniture in general.  I am really happy with this arrangement for now – we just need some curtains on the windows, though because it is such a fish bowl right now! 🙂

Super cute, too, was Cohen’s reaction to the new carpet.  I sometimes forget just how observant this little person is.  But boy, he couldn’t believe how great it was.  He actually kept squatting down and rubbing his hands back and forth over it, like he couldn’t believe just how cushy it was!  It was too cute!  And he was so in shock with the new carpet, that he just kept pointing to our picture and saying “dada dada dada.”

With our new carpet, too, it’s of course inspired us me  to do some other updates and additions.  I made some new artwork yesterday, and we hung that picture up that you see Cohen playing with above in the living room and have a new frame above the mantle in the family room (with no art/pic in it yet, but still it’s there and ready, thanks to my super awesome Goodwill find!).  So, yes, this week with the new carpet has been awesome and while I love how soft and comfy it is, I also love being able to play in the living room again.  It’s more open because we have a much different layout and it’s awesome to be able to keep Cohen’s toys in there and keep the space open in the family room.  It’s really been so great!  Oh, and I gotta say, the carpet itself is so pretty! 🙂

Not too shabby, right?!  🙂






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