Little Drummer Boy

Last night Cohen got a box from Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Ken! We knew that it was a combo of birthday and Christmas gifts – but we decided we’d let him bust open the box to see the birthday portion of the present! It was a drum! Cohen loves to drum – and does it correctly – unlike any not-yet-one year old we’ve ever seen! We decided it was only fair to record him jamming on his drum for the first time so the grandparents could see his mad skills!

A few things to note in this video:

1 – we are TRYING to rid the pacifier of day/night time use except when he’s in his crib – HOWEVER, he has had a hell-ish day with a whole lot of Exorcist style vomiting – head spinning and all – it’s not been fun. That being said, we felt we could give him his pac to help soothe the poor guy!

2 – Moe is hilarious – his blinking and wincing cracks us up because Cohen wields that drumstick and pays no attention to who or what he’s going to hit on his way to the jam session!

3 – The poor kid to throw up again almost immediately after we were done taping this. But fear not, within a few minutes (and a clean shirt) he was back to drumming.

Seriously, though, he couldn’t be any cuter – and let’s just hope he can continue to have such fantastic rhythm! We are saving the second goodie in the box for either his birthday party or Christmas! In the meantime, though, I”m sure he’ll love playing with the big Amazon box!

– Madison

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