Let there be light…prettier light, that is!

While on my crazy crafting binge, I decided to take on the project that I saw that sort of inspired this whole “hey, I can be a DIY-er.”  This project can be found here.  It was my chandelier inspiration from John & Sherry at Young House Love.  They made it seem so simple to transform an outdated light fixture into one that is modern and fitting for your space.  You’ll see on theirs that they added a shade, as well, but I really liked the shape of ours over our dining room table, but the brass is old and just not “us.”  I told Tim about my brainy idea, and he seemed on board.  Because we’re lucky like that, we also had brass sconces and another chandelier-y fixture in the entryway of the house, so we decided to do all 4 fixtures together.


Since we are technically renters, we went with an heirloom white spray paint because it does match really well with our vintage dining table and chairs, the walls, etc. and it’s not crazy like the bright yellow I would’ve loved to do since who knows, we might not be here forever!  I mean, it all reality, no one is here forever – that whole circle of life thing and all.  ha.

For this project, I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Primer in white and paint in Heirloom White. The coverage was awesome for this project and I don’t think I even needed as many coats as I did.  But because this was my first time trying something like this, I was being extra careful.

So this last weekend my darling husband took down the chandeliers and sconces while I finished feeding Cohen breakfast and we got right to work.  Cohen really wanted to help Daddy take down the chandeliers…

And then he decided that wasn’t fun anymore and wanted to watch some Jungle Junction…THIS CLOSE TO THE TV!

After Tim got the fixtures all down, Cohen and I gave them all a good wipe down.  It’s always a little gross to see how dirty stuff like that is.  Ew.  And then I took all the bulbs out and stuck some wadded up paper towel in the light holes (?) so as not to get paint in that part. I also wrapped all the wires in electrical tape, again so no paint got on that part.

We took all 4 fixtures out in the driveway – thank goodness it was a gorgeous Saturday, so working outside was optimal!  We decided the best place to hang the big chandelier was from the basketball hoop.  This guaranteed great hanging and drying, but also no spray paint on anything in our garage or on our house! Double score! I put the sconces on a big piece of cardboard that we had from our a/c unit on the driveway and then hung the entry fixture from a nail on garage eave that we use for hanging Christmas lights.

I then went and slipped into my ultra sexy painting tshirt and black leggings with black socks.  Oh and don’t forget the gloves – those are actually from the hospital my mom works at!  They are nice and snug on my hands so they don’t make it difficult to maneuver.

I began by applying 2 coats of white primer to each fixture.  I wanted to make sure they were all covered nice and good so it would make the actual paint stick better and easier!  The primer dried super fast and then it was time for the paint.  Of course this ended up being a little bit more difficult seeing as the colors were SOOOO close AND we were in natural light.  I had to get super close and did 2 coats before having Tim come look at it, too, to see if there was any part that I missed.

For the entry fixture, we had to finaggle the hanging situation a bit, because for the primer it was ok for it to be so close to the garage, because we would be painting white on white – that wouldn’t be the case, though, for painting ivory on white!  So…I got to thinking…and I took some curling ribbon and tied it to a hanger, which I hung from the nail where the fixture was previously hung.  I then took the fixture and stuck it on the hanger.  Boom!  Now we’re in business.  This also made it easier for me to actually spray the fixture because let’s face it, I’m not 6 feet tall!


After we got the final coats of paint applied, and the fixtures were all dry, we took them inside and began to rehang them.  I’m so excited with how they turned out – and can I say it was such an inexpensive project (spray paint/primer was 2 for $5.00 at Menards and I got 2 containers of primer and 3 of paint, to be safe) and it had such a huge impact! After we got them re-installed we did a few touch ups on the chain of the large chandelier.  Tim held a piece of cardboard behind where I was spraying and that worked great for an easy touch up.

I apologize for not having a photo of the sconces together. But there is one more exactly like this on the other side of our large stained glass window in the dining room!

The fixtures all had great, classic lines, but were in such a need of an update!  I think this is just what it needed.  I do still want to replace the bulbs for the globe ones because I think it will make them look even that much more contemporary, but in the meantime they still look awesome and it was such an easy and fun update!  Not to mention, while I was busy painting, Tim dug into the yard work (so much better now), and I joined him later, so Boo Radley’s yard is no more! Hooray!  Thanks again to YHL for the design inspiration – anyone else updated any fixtures of their own lately? How did you transform them?





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