Rosette Tutorial & Lamp Update

Last week, I told you about my brass funeral home lamp update in my Pinteresting Challenge post.  You can read about that here.  Today I went ahead and made another little change to the lamp shade.  When I initially re-did the lamp I simply stuck a beige patent leather flower that I found at Hobby Lobby on the shade.  I knew I wanted to do something different with this – but I didn’t know how to make the super cute rosette type flowers that I had seen here.  When it came time to make my wreaths (want to see those?), I find a tutorial on how to make these flowers which was so super easy!

I apologize in advance for the lack of photo quality here.  I was making these in my living room while watching Storm Chasers last week!  Work with the time ya have, ya know!?!?

First, cut a circle out of a piece of felt.  How large of a circle you cut, will dictate the size of the flower.  For my projects, I’ve made different size flowers from rather large, to super tiny.  I like the way it looks both on the lamp and on my wreaths, but it also gives you the most bang for your buck, in terms of using the whole sheet of felt.

Next, you cut a wavy edge around the circle.

From here, you pick any point and begin to cut from the outside – in creating a spiral effect with the felt.  You’ll do this until you reach the center of the felt, where you’ll have an oval shape left.  Don’t cut into that.  You’ll need that to finish off the bottom of the flower.

Once you have it all cut, you’ll have something left that resembles this:

Next, take the end where you started to cut and begin to roll in towards the circle at the end.  You can decide how tight to make the flower at this point, as well, which will also dictate its final size.

Continue rolling until you’ve reached the center circle.

Put some hot glue (I suppose craft glue would work, too, but I love me some hot glue) on the circle end and attach to the bottom of the flower.

You’ll end up with this (although hopefully not so blurry or poorly lit – eek! Get it together!)

Sooooooo – after all that was done – in three colors (deep purple, the creamy beige color and ivory), I went about attaching them (with my hot glue gun) to the shade, in place of where I had that patent leather flower previously.  There was no method to my madness, other than I didn’t want two colors too near each other, and I wanted them sort of clumped together.

I do think that it turned out pretty snazzy and looks better than the lone flower I had there before!

I do think it would be fun to eventually cascade more of them down the lamp completely! Add it to the list, I guess! 🙂

Side note: I gave a few of the flowers to one of my girlfriends today to attach to a headband for her daughter! So cute right…and easy!



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