How we spent our Christmas!

We started our Christmas celebrations by doing lots and lots of baking on Christmas Eve.  I made spiced walnuts and no bake chocolate cookies.  Tim made his homemade fudge.  YUM!  Then we went to church together, which was great!  After the service, we were able to get a few pictures together, too, which is nice.  We actually got one last year, too, when Cohen was a teeny, tiny 10 day old baby.  So great.  Much like a lot of the other photos we take, I love being able to have a new “version” each year to look back on.




We also have a “last year version” of this picture too!  Cohen, Tim, Cory (Cohen’s Godfather/Tim’s best friend) and his daughter, Tenley.  She’s 5 months older than Cohen, and such a sweet and smart little girl.  We are so happy to have such a close relationship with them!  They’re wonderful people!

So anyways, back to Christmas.  After church, the three of us went to dinner at a local fav, Maria’s.  It was great, and Cohen had so much fun.  After dinner we came home and relaxed before heading to bed!

When we got up in the morning, we loaded all the presents in the car, and headed over to my mom’s.  Together, we opened gifts with my mom, dad, sister, her boyfriend, Danny and his son, Daniel, as well as Tim’s sister, Sara. It was such a fun day!  I don’t have a terrible lot of pictures because I was busy taking it all in, and didn’t want to be behind the camera as much.  I think Tim got some good video, which I hope to upload eventually!


This craziness is the best family picture we got of us this year.  Oh well, we’ll take it!

So there ya have it.  I’m almost through December!  Whoo hoo.  Hopefully soon, I’ll be posting with what Cohen has been up to lately, so as not to get further behind.  So hold on, it’s gonna be sort of crazy – hope you can keep up! 🙂



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