Holy Cow!

Ok, we realize we have completely slacked on our original attempts to be a blogging family. But, as can be expected with adding another human being to your life, things have been hectic and side projects, jobs, crafts, lapsit storytime, etc. have all gotten in the way of making sure we kept our extended family in the know. So now, here I am again hoping to update you (in a nutshell) on the goings-on in our family of 4 (furry babies count in our family) while also PROMISING to keep you all more in the loop now of all things Seidler.

In May, we had Cohen baptized at Immaculate Conception in Morris. It was an awesome weekend, filled with lots of family, friends and food. It’s great to know that Cohen was baptized in the church I grew up, we were married in, and by the same Deacon that married us. Deacon Bob actually passed away on September 10 and since then the new church has been completed in Morris – meaning the old church will soon be knocked down. This makes Cohen’s baptism that much more special.

This summer we traveled to Half Moon Bay to visit Tim’s parents and enjoy the 4th of July out there. Not only was it Cohen’s first plane ride (which he rocked), but it was also our first time making such a grand trip all together. Of course, me being the Triple Type A personality that I am, my lists had lists and those had lists, and I knew Southwest’s policies on gate checking strollers, car seats, etc. inside and out. It went so very smoothly, that it almost seemed to good to be true. But we made it out there, and other than the jet lagged infant, whose sleep schedule got a little off track, we had a fantastic time. We love visiting out there, and it was cool to get to vacation with Cohen while he was still such a baby. He got to see (and feel) the ocean and sand for the first time, as well, while we were out there…however, he did sleep through his first fireworks show!

When we returned from vacation in July, Tim and I decided that it was best that I cut back on my hours at the studio very significantly. I now only work a few hours per week from home doing billing and the like, but do not go into the studio daily as I was. This came after a long discussion and lots of struggle. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy losing my regular paycheck, but we knew it was necessary, and best for Cohen’s and our well being. So far, it’s been great. It’s not been without struggles financially, but we know we’ll make it work, and it’s worth it knowing I’m home with him everyday (and not paying a nanny!).

Cohen’s biggest milestones:
— eats lots and lots of food — he is really getting tired of the pureed baby food, so we’re moving into more “big kid” food. so far, he loves all bread (he is my kid, of course) and turkey dogs. other favorites include fruit slices, crackers, chicken and mashed potatoes.
— he’s a crawling maniac…everywhere and always. from the second he wakes up in the morning, until the second he goes to bed, he’s on the move.
— he’s sooo close to walking. he pulls himself up on everything, and barely holds on. he has a push walker toy thing that he does great with, and cruises around our living room constantly.
— he’s got one tooth – and about three more so ready to break through. one of his bottom teeth poked through in late August, and now the one right next to it is close to coming through, as well as the two top teeth. while I’m excited for him to get teeth, it also makes him less baby and for that I’m bummed!
— he’s talking more – or trying to rather. he always waves, kisses (which is more like licking your face off), laughs constantly and says “cheese” which is more like “eeeeeez” and a very scrunched face.

Cohen’s loves:
— Jungle Junction (tv show on Disney Jr.)
— Moe Moe (poor dog doesn’t stand a chance!)
— water bottles (more on that at the end of this post)
— B is for Bear (a book – which when recited by memory makes him go get the book and bring it to you – he also turns the pages for you!)
— his plastic yellow bat (as well as lots of other toys)
— pushing things / sliding them along the floor
— multiple pacifiers at bed time (one in his mouth – and one in each hand!)
— his boat (a piece of art on his wall that he loves to point at every chance he gets)
— giving kisses
— being upside down

We surely think he’s gotten so smart and funny. He is definitely very intentional in his actions and that keeps us on our toes every minute of the day! He allows no slacking during the day, and I’ve got to say, he’s the toughest boss I’ve ever had! 🙂

Cohen got to experience his first CornFestival this year, which was really fun for us. There are lots of family activities to do during the daytime hours, and it was nice to be able to take him downtown during the day and walk around. He’s so nosy, and just loved being able to people watch. Tim and I also took him to the petting zoo during the day on Saturday, and he had a great time seeing all the animals up close. He also loved watching his first parade. So much to look at!! Unfortunately, Tim had gotten some sort of nasty flu bug Saturday night, but luckily Grandma Michele was able to come to the parade with us!

We’ve also recently purchased big boy car seat (sniff sniff)! He had just gotten too big for that infant seat, so it was definitely time. He enjoys this one so much more, and there is almost never tears while trying to load him in the car! YAY! Below is him testing out the car seat before Tim installed it in my truck! 🙂

A couple weekends ago we took Cohen to Dollinger’s Pumpkin farm for his first visit. I’ll have some better pictures from that soon. We haven’t uploaded those from the big camera yet. This was something Chelsea and I grew up doing with our parents, and since then Tim and I have gone every year and couldn’t wait to take Cohen someday. It was a windy day, but we had a great time picking out our pumpkins, indian corn, mini pumpkins and gourds. We even took a walk through the petting zoo and watched the Civil War Reenactment. It was a great time.

Last weekend we carved our pumpkins. Cohen was definitely more interested in playing with the ladle and crawling up and down the sidewalk, but once those babies were completed and lit for the night, he thought they were pretty awesome! Tim’s pumpkin is BOO, mine is the classic Jack-o-Lantern and Cohen’s is the C, of course!

We are looking forward to celebrating his first Halloween tomorrow. I’m the crazy parent that is probably going to overdo every holiday and celebration for the next 18 years – so bear with me, please. Last Thursday was the Downtown Trick or Treat – Cohen went as Danny Zuko from Grease. His counterpart (my friend Emily’s daughter, Brinlee, who’s only 12 days older than Cohen), was his Sandy Olsson. Emily and I even went as far as to decorate a wagon as the Greased Lightning car, equipped with lightning bolts and a “We Go Together” sign on the back. While we didn’t win the costume contest (we were robbed by a bumble bee…seriously), it was a great time and the kids looked great. Emily and I even sported Pink Ladies jackets, scarves and glasses! It was truly a family affair!

Ok, so while I probably just exploded your brain with thoughts and images, I realize it doesn’t even barely cover what’s occurred in our lives over the past 7 months (holy moly, I can’t believe we’ve neglected this so much), but I PROMISE to update more often…as in tomorrow after I take pictures of my super cute cow! Yes, Cohen will be a cow for Halloween. He already sported this once, last week, for dress up day at the library for his lapsit group. He was the cutest (and least smelly) cow I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to take him trick or treating tomorrow for two reasons – I can’t wait to see people giggle over his cuteness, and I can’t wait to eat his candy…!! But I will surely make a point to update much more frequently. In fact, I’ve also been doing some updates around our house now, because let’s face it, without the regular 9-5 job, I need some sort of project – aside from raising our son to be a phenomenal human being. I’ll make sure to include those crafts and projects in some other posts, so you can see what I’ve been teaching myself to do.

I hope all is well with everyone – and that you have a wonderful Halloween. I can’t even believe November (and thus the holiday season) is almost upon us! Crazy!

I’ll leave everyone with a shot of our crazy boy – in his Halloween jammies (from Aunt Chelsea) and his water bottle. The kid is obnoxiously obsessed with water bottles. It’s impossible to have one around him without a melt down until he gets his hands on it. So you have to drink fast – or drink in secret!

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