Happy Birthday Cohen!

Well…he’s finally here!!

I woke up Tuesday morning at about 4am with some pretty strong contractions. After 20 mins of tossing and turning I decided I’d move out to the couch and try to hang out there, watch some TV and hopefully fall back asleep…the baby, however, had other plans.

About 6:30 the contractions started picking up intensity and I moved to the exercise ball hoping for a little release. I stood up at 7 to go make coffee for Tim … And boom … My water breaks!!!

Tim had just woken up for work and we decided it’d be best that he showered and got ready to go and we’d play it by ear when he needed to come home…well within 15 mins it was quite apparent these contractions were picking up steam – and fast.

I wanted to make sure to shower and get ready and feel as prepared mentally and physically as possible so I did just that. It took a little longer to do this because the pain was pretty intense but finally at about 9:30 we were set to head to the hospital…with a clean house and clean laundry nonetheless. It was a dream come true!!

Upon arriving at the hospital I was 3 cm dilated which was a great progression since at yesterday’s OB appointment I was at 1.5 and my doctor was planning to induce next Monday if baby wasn’t here. I got hooked up to all sorts of machines and pretty quickly I requested the epidural. My contractions were about 3 mins apart and were VERY strong.

I got the epidural about 11:30 and had some relief for a little bit. It seemed to progress super fast from there. I was checked and at 6 and then rather quickly made it to 9 and then 10. When it came to pushing it was pretty hard as the epidural unfortunately was not holding up and I had quite a bit of pain. I pushed for about 50 mins and then a of a sudden there he was!!!

Cohen Timothy Seidler was born at 5:44 pm. He weighed in at 7 lb 1 oz and is 19 inches long. He has a full head of dark hair and is already sooo handsome!!

We spent the evening hanging out with family and our first batch of visitors, all of whom loved him so much already as well. We also got to enjoy some Maria’s pizza!!

We will make sure to update with more photos later, but I’m currently restricted to what I have on my phone!!

Tim and I truly feel so blessed and are so excited to start this journey as parents together!!

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