Happy Birthday Daddy!

I’m sure Tim will agree that as he celebrates his 28th birthday today from our hospital room that he’s received the best gift of all!

That being said, happy birthday daddy!!

We love you!!

Mommy, Cohen … And Moe!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Daddy!

  1. Grandma Michele

    What an awesome picture! Happy Birthday, Tim. We all love ya!

  2. Lisa

    Awww he looks like a mini-Tim in this pic. How adorable! Congrats you guys, what a wonderful birthday and Christmas present.

    Madison- you’re going to have a hard time outdoing yourself next year!

  3. Grandma Cindy

    Such a nice picture-I love it!! Madison, this must have just touched your heart. Tim, were you sleeping? How’s Moe doing? See you soon (but not soon enough…) Love you guys.

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