Happy April, Fools! :)

This isn't so bad after all!

Yesterday Cohen and I decided to take some new pictures of him. Of course, I take lots of picture everyday, but it’s not everyday that I pose him or take pictures with the actual camera. Most of the time, I just take pictures on my phone because it’s much more accessible than Tim’s big, fancy camera! I haven’t uploaded the pictures from the camera yet, but I wanted to give a little sneak peek of the ones I got on my phone.

I always have to have these hands in my mouth!

Why are you making me do this, Mommy?

What're you looking at?!


Cohen has been a lot more interested in Moe lately…but the same does not go for Moe. haha. He likes to babble in Moe’s direction and sometimes he just stares at him! It’s pretty cute!

Cohen yelling at Moe!

Cohen cooperated so well and I’m really excited to be able to get his pictures done at the end of the month. My cousin, Jennifer is a wonderful photographer – check out her site www.photographie51.com – and she lives in Chicago now with her husband. We are currently in the process of setting up a time to get Cohen’s pictures done with her in the city once it’s a little warmer out! Tim and I are both sooooo excited for that. He’s so photogenic and loves smiling at us, so I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch!

Such a happy boy!

I'm so happy!

We very well could have one of the most photographed babies in the whole world. And most of these pictures are just on done on the fly from my phone. Hopefully soon I’ll get the camera photos on the computer and show some of those, too! We hope that everyone enjoys the start of April. Hopefully it’ll be warming up in no time! We have so much to look forward to this Spring – days in the city, zoo trips, Cohen’s Baptism and Grandpa Ken & Grandma Cindy visiting…my birthday (haha) and introducing Cohen to food!

Thanks for checking in!

Love, Madison

Modeling my outfit from Uncle Pete!

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