Easter Festivities

Friday night we decided to try coloring eggs with Cohen.  I fully knew it would be a bigger mess than anything, but still wanted the experience with him and hoped we’d have a little fun, too!  We definitely made a mess, but also had fun.  I think we got 7 really ugly eggs out of it!  🙂


Here’s a little video of Cohen decorating some eggs with Daddy!

Saturday morning we participated in the Morris Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt at Goold Park.  Even though Cohen only got a whopping 3 eggs, yep, 3, it was a great time.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous today, and it was fun to see how excited he was to pick up an egg when we got to it.  I’ll admit, I had to box out a few kids/parents to square us off to an egg, but we were able to get a few.  It was absolute chaos, and really, because we hadn’t done this before, we didn’t have a good strategy.  We’ll know better for next year! 🙂

Cohen was even able to pose for a picture with the Easter Bunny, which he thought was hilarious.  I wish we had video of that because he just couldn’t stop laughing!  It was adorable.  He could have sat with that Bunny all day, and not even cared for a second about the egg hunt.

Remember what he looked like last year with the Bunny?!  He’s such a big boy now!

We were able to snap a few pictures before the hunt began, too, but Cohen was really just focused on his strategy, and didn’t really want much to do with us!

Here’s the whole 1:30 Egg Hunt – caught on camera by Tim!  ha.  As you can tell, it was chaotic and over before you even really realized it started!

After that excitement was over, we hung around, snapped a few more pics, and chatted with friends. Grandma was even able to take Cohen on a little walk and snag a few more eggs from one of the Lions! 🙂

We have had a great Easter weekend so far. This morning we went to church and are headed to brunch soon. Hopefully we will be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather today, too!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!



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