Don’t just stand there…

…bounce a move?!

Cohen has taken to dancing…not all the time, and not to the usual suspects.  But he sometimes just decides it’s time to give it a little bounce, and that’s what he does…just a little bounce…gently, so as not to disrupt anyone, or get too out of hand.  Luckily this morning, Grandma Michele was able to capture some of this magic while he was hanging at her house!  She was able to get a decent amount of this dance party recorded before he caught wind of her shenanigans and came in for the surprise smooch attack.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year so far.  We certainly have.  And now that the holidays are officially over – and my holiday hangover is beginning to subside, I’m hoping to tackle my resolution list – which includes tons of purging (stuff, not food) and organizing (stuff – and maybe food because my pantry is a disaster).  I also plan to blog – a lot more – as well as get the site updated and running more how I envision it for the long haul.  So thanks for sticking around as much as you have – if you’ve made it this far (the grandparents…Julie… ) haha – but no in all seriousness, we do appreciate everyone wanting to keep up with what we have going on here, and we hope to provide you with more family dysfunction in 2012.

For now, please enjoy the musical stylings of Jake & the Neverland Pirates with dance accompaniment by Cohen T. Seidler!

Happy Wednesday!



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