Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm

Every year before Halloween, my parents took my sister and me to Dollinger’s Pumpkin Farm – sidenote: every year I also tried to convince them that bringing home a calico kitten was a good idea…never happened – anyways, we always picked out our pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, etc.  Got the run around, go through the corn maze, and when we were older (and not scared) we went through the Haunted House.  It was always a great time and something we looked forward to every year.

Excuse the extremely poor quality of the photos below – they are photos of photos!

Me in the back left & my younger sister, Chelsea, on the right at Dollinger's in '89-'90.

A few years later – carving pumpkins with Dad – never mind my pin up pose…

Cut to when Tim and I started dating – we still went every year, walked around, picked out pumpkins, etc. and always thought how fun it’d be to bring our kids someday. Last year we went and got our pumpkins (I was about 7 months pregnant with my own pumpkin) and we ran into our friends Brian and Emily.  Their  daughter, Brinlee (aka Sandy Olsson- you can view her starring role here) is 12 days older than Cohen.  We snapped many of these pics during our pregnancies!

So you can imagine our excitement this year when we got to bring our giggly, squirrely 10 month old boy!  We had so much fun, although he was initially unsure of being stuck in the center of a bunch of big, orange things.

Tim showing Cohen the pumpkins

Huggin' it out in the pumpkin patch!

But he soon warmed up to the idea and within a minute he was slapping the pumpkins and pulling the stems.  I believe there might have even been a little licking involved.  There usually is with Cohen.

And then the wind picked up and it was hilarious to see those luscious locks blow back in wind!

He even made sure to put a little spell over the pumpkins – abra cadabra, if you will!

We made sure to get a picture of him with the animals – have you ever seen a cuter sheep!?

Before leaving, we made sure to snap a family pic – of course, for all you know we could be at a rest area! haha.  But, what makes this better is not only did the wind pick up, but Cohen decided to give his best “eeeeez” or cheese face.  We have to work on that before school pictures…in 4 years…





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