Crawling out of the Black Hole

It may seem as though we’ve fallen into a black hole…but I suppose it’s the exact opposite.  We’ve been living…a lot.  We have been crazy.  I realize I got some serious blogging momentum in November, and then the holidays surrounded us, and blogging had to play second fiddle to living…and I’m ok with that.  As much as we love sharing, it’s been nice for both of us to take some time away from the computer, and just log some serious hours sitting on the floor, playing with Cohen, hanging out and doing all things Christmas-y!

So bear with me as I backtrack a bit to get you all up to speed to our lives in December!  I figured I would start off with my simple and awesome Advent Calendar I made in early December! It was fun and something we all got excited about!  We are busy editing photos and all that good stuff from all our other adventures last month.  It’s really crazy just how quickly December went.  I barely even had time to see it fly past.

I had always liked a Pottery Barn version of this Advent Calendar (which was far more expensive than my allotted Advent Calendar budget), because as kids, my sister and I – almost always, without fail – made a chain link Christmas countdown in red and green construction paper.  Something about pulling that link off each morning made us so excited about the impending holiday!  I wanted to do  something similar with Cohen – with a twist.  That’s when I stumbled across Katie Bower’s once again awesome idea.  It was a take on the oh-so-expensive PB version…and I couldn’t wait to get started!

I pretty much followed Mrs. Bower’s instructions/design to a T, because let’s face it…not broken, don’t fix it.  I think it turned out awesome, and can’t wait until Cohen really understands it!

The materials used were (bizarrely enough) all things I had on hand already! How awesome is that?!

Card stock / scrapbook paper

Straight pins

Foam Core poster board

Wood scraps (for frame)

Corkboard – I used squares

Burlap (or any other linen or fabric)

Ornaments (I used ones we already had)

Staple gun

I started by making tags labeled 1-24.  This would be for the days in December leading up until Christmas.  These laid over white tags – which had a Christmas activity on it.  Some examples were driving around to look at lights, visiting Santa, making Christmas cookies, reading the Christmas story in the Bible, watching a Christmas movie, etc.  Please excuse the spots on the ottoman.  Cohen’s favorite past time is whipping his sippy cup around, thus leaving milk drips everywhere.

With my Dad’s assistance began the frame building.  He took a foam core poster board that I had lying around, and did some miter cuts to frame out the back (with scrap wood he already had).  We stapled that all together.  We wanted to make it have a thick enough frame, so it could just sit atop a tail, and support the weight of 24 ornaments!  These scraps worked perfectly.

Then, I took some cork squares that I already had and stapled those to the front of the poster board.  I had to cut the access away, but I know I’ll be able to use that for a project later on!  🙂

My handy assistant helped collect the cork that I cut off! 🙂

Next I attached the burlap that I had leftover from my cornice box project.

Similar to wrapping the cornice boxes, I made sure to start in the center, pull tight and staple in place.  When I got to the corners, I folded over the edges just like wrapping a present and then cut the extra fabric off.

How it looked before it got all spiffy with the tags and ornaments!

Then we added our tags and ornaments – with straight pins from my sewing box – and hung it on the wall in our front room – which is where our Christmas tree is, there was already a nail, and the most perfect place to display my creative beauty.  It was too perfect!

Soo – there ya have it!  My first in a long line of “what did those Seidlers do in December?!” I bet you can hardly wait to see what else? ha.

Until then … cheers!
























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