Cornice Boxes!

Next up on my to-do list was adding some new window treatments to our front room.  As I had said before, this room was super under-utilized prior to this summer.  It literally had the following hand-me-downs: couch and loveseat, end table, bookcase and then of course, the found-on-the-side-of-the-road funeral home lamp.  All of Cohen’s toys were kept out here, though, and it gets great natural light during the day through the huge windows (4 of them) and when you open said windows up and turn on the whole house fan, the breeze is amazing in this has-no-central-air home!  Also, without the fireplace to crack his head open on, the room was definitely just a safer option for Cohen to play in.  He can’t get into as much from this room, and it’s nice knowing he can explore without the risk of needing stitches, getting into Moe’s food, etc.

So because we were spending so much time out here this summer, I decided to start to comfify (invented word) the room. Started with adding our Ikea entertainment stand from our apartment in Chicago 5 years ago…which was just sitting in the basement, as well as the TV that was in our master bedroom.  We never watched TV in our room anymore, so this actually made more sense for the money we were spending on cable, anyways.  This matched the Ikea bookcase that was given to us by my dad at our old house, so it worked well.  Then I hung a few pictures on the wall with a sign we had received at our wedding shower – over 3 years ago – that had still never been hung up.  We were getting closer.  Next up, was the lamp.  See how I did that here.  As you can see below in that horrible IPhone photo (why is it so blurry?  I must have been running by as I took it??) there were just those photos on the wall, in old frames we found in the garage, but still the ugg lamp and naked windows!!  ICK!

Excuse the low-quality, messy room "before" photo!

Then I took a look at my Pinterest boards again, and decided this room was in need of some new window treatments.  It looked unfinished as it was.  The room has burgundy carpet and burgundy blinds…makes it hard to work with…but then I had an idea.  I’d make cornice boxes!  TA-DA!  This would be a great solution because the placement of our loveseat is over one of the windows, therefore making it impossible to hang curtain panels.  So I emailed my dad some links to my ideas and asked if he could help me.  I had never really built anything like this before, so I knew I would need some assistance.  We went to our local Menards and bought the wood.  Because I planned on covering the pieces in batting and burlap (to match my lamp!) they could just be standard pieces of wood.  We went with 1×8, but in retrospect, I could have even done 1×10 or 12 to give it an even wider look…but hey, it was my first rodeo and I was being conservative.  I didn’t want it to appear too chunky. Then Cohen and I headed to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on burlap, batting, and also spray adhesive(which I didn’t end up using).  Now it was time to build.

And again, I have no pictures of the actual process, because I’m new to this – and I suck – but my dad cut the wood to fit and then built the L piece to connect to the wall and attached brackets to hold them together.  From there, I laid them on top of my quilter’s batting and cut it to size.  I wrapped it and stapled it.  I had never used a staple gun before – that was fun – and addicting.  I made sure to start from the middle and work out so it was as tight as possible.

Next, I laid the wrapped pieces on top of the burlap and cut that to size – and followed the same steps.  Starting from the middle, I pulled tight and stapled in place.  I finished by wrapping the ends like a present to create a clean, seamless edge.  My dad came over and hung the cornices for me.  He had to get smaller brackets, because the first were so long, that they wouldn’t have fit over the window correctly! OOPS!

You can see now how much more finished it is!

Here’s the final shot where you can see both the burlap cornices together!  I think they turned out great for my first try with making them.  Special thanks to SUltis for helping (and by helping, I mean wielding the power tools and building them in my garage alone) make these!  I think they give the room a much more polished look!  What do you think?



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