Cohen’s First Halloween

Last year at Halloween – I was hugely pregnant (eek) and sick.  Figures!  Luckily, we get maybe 3 Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood, so that didn’t matter.  As I laid there last year, so completely miserable from having THE WORST FLU EVER, I thought about how next year would be so different and fun and I couldn’t wait to go so over-the-top for our bambino’s first Halloween.  While I don’t think we ended up being as crazy as I initially thought I would be (but I guess it depends on what your crazy scale looks like), we did have an absolutely great time!

It started the Tuesday before Halloween – Cohen got to dress up for lap sit story time at our local library!  For this, he wore his cow costume from Pottery Barn Kids!  He was soooooo cute, I couldn’t stand it.  Not to mention – the little stinker left his hood on THE ENTIRE TIME!  What a champ…err, calf?!  A few of the older kids in his lap sit group kept moo-ing at him, which made him give them the “why the heck are you doing that in my face?” look.  BEST LOOK EVER!  He had a great time, but was also pretty happy to get that costume off!

So that was Tuesday.  Then came Thursday – good ol’ Downtown Trick or Treat in Morris!  And of course, Cohen couldn’t just wear that cow costume again.  Nope, we had to think bigger, better and much more exciting!  I brainstormed with my girlfriend, Emily, whose daughter, Brinlee, is a mere 12 days older than Cohen (talk about planning, huh?)!  We decided they would be Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from Grease!  PERFECTION!  It wouldn’t stop there, though.  Because we knew there would be the costume contest sponsored by Morris Lions Club on the Courthouse Lawn, followed by walking around to the stores downtown, they needed a wagon…and not just any wagon – THE GREASED LIGHTNING WAGON!  GENIUS! On Thursday when it came time for me to decorate said wagon, I learned I had to build it – like with tools and stuff!  YIKES!  Emily came over to help me, and we finally got it put together – and then it was time to decorate!  We took white poster board and I painted a grey lightning bolt on each piece – which I then embellished with some glitter!  Emily made a sign with sticky letters for the back of the wagon.  It read: “We Go Together – Cohen & Brin.” Awesomeness at it’s finest, folks!  We also added some black curling ribbon to liven things up some more.

Then – in a perfect world, our kids would have napped – even for like a 1/2 hour…but nope.  NOTHING.  Not one single eye closing moment.  Oh great, how was this going to go?  Well, I hurried and got myself ready – complete with a Pink Ladies jacket, skinny jeans, black patent leather flats, scarf and cat eye glasses!  And then it was time to get Cohen into character!  I layered a short sleeve white onesie under a long sleeve one (ya never know how the weather will hold up around here this time of year) and finished it off with a pair of jeans, with a cuff at the ankles.  Then I stuck him in his high chair (after some brief Googling of “Danny Zuko hair”) and began the duck tail and front flip. Because Jungle Junction was on, Cohen could have cared less the amount of hair product I was globbing on his head! Score for me!  My dad showed up and helped me complete the look, because let’s face it, he’s more likely to have known that hairstyle than I am!  I put Cohen’s leather jacket on him – and BOOM – total Danny Zuko!  Now it was time to meet his Sandy!

I loaded the wagon in the car and headed to Emily’s, where I found the funniest little Sandy I’ve ever seen – complete with a BLONDE WIG (on a not-quite-11 month old girl)!  TOO FUNNY! We headed to the costume contest, where they were robbed – by a bumble bee (so original!)…sorry, totally sore loser!

After that, we headed down to the dance school and snapped some pics there before both kids were tired and hungry!  We parted ways for the evening where we proceeded to take Cohen home and give him a nice warm meal, followed by a strong hose down in the tub!  It took some serious lathering to get the goop outta his hair!

Now comes actual Halloween – we spent the morning doing some shopping at Hobby Lobby for my latest crafting adventure – one of my best, yet!  And then we made some owl cupcakes – sooo cute!  Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting and then for the owl part – an oreo on each side, with an M&M in the middle and then an M&M on it’s side for the beak!  So fun and easy!  We headed over to Grandma Michele’s for a little Trick or Treating until Tim got home from work, then we hit up a few other houses to show off our darling bovine (thanks Julie!).  It was a great night; I had forgotten how fun Trick or Treating is – all the families walking up and down the street – a nice chill in the air, etc.  It was so fun!

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