Cohen, Cohen, Cohen

For our Christmas cards, we planned on using a family picture that my cousin at Photographie 51 took, however, during an impromptu photo shoot with Cohen one night, we found the greatest picture to use!

We also got some other great shots of him, and it was a lot of fun.  I think it’s nice when it happens more organically, instead of the pressure of posed photos when you NEED them to work.  🙂 This was definitely the case here!

So scroll on through for the scoop on our photoshoot!


This ended up being the winning shot for the Christmas card!  

Towards the end, this is what we got.  Still so cute!


& then this is when we knew it was time to call it quits!

I love being able to have these pictures of Cohen.  It’s not always easy to get pictures of him, especially because he’s constantly on the move, so I’m definitely thankful that we got as many great ones as we did!  I hope you enjoyed!

&…because we already covered Cohen’s rockin’ first birthday party, I figure I might as well include some fun pictures from his actual first birthday, December 14, 2011.  Because it was the middle of the week, Tim had to work, so we decided we’d go have lunch with him at Olive Garden. This kid, he loves himself some breadsticks…of any variety, but especially the Olive Garden variety!


Later that night, we had some fun at home.  Look how happy this one year old is!

Tim and I decided we wanted to start a growth chart for Cohen, and what’s a more perfect time than on his first birthday?  We happened to have some spare trim down in the basement from when we added some new chair rail, so we figured that’d be the best option to use.  Since we don’t own this house, we didn’t want to do anything actually attached to the house, so this was our best solution against that!



We measured Cohen, Tim and me!  Cohen was helping Tim mark over the measurements in marker! Such a good helper!


We ended the night with our attempt at a family picture.  I must say, we’ve come along way since his real “first” birthday.  He’s much squirmier, and I’m not quite as puffy! EEEEEK!  🙂



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