Climbing that hill…

I cannot believe that our boy is 11 months old today. Only one more month until the Earth has rotated around the sun once again. And a year since I went into labor. And since our boy was born! It’s just unbelievable. A year has never gone so quickly in my entire life. I’ve been working on sorting photos, trying to find the “best of the best” to print, since we have like 7 printed from Cohen’s entire first year of life, and it sure has made me weepy. ha. He’s gotten so big, so quickly, and no matter how much I tell him he should take a break from getting smarter, and older, but he just doesn’t listen! He just keeps on keepin’ on. So because I’m clearly feeling oh so nostalgic tonight, I thought I’d include just a couple photos of Cohen I came across today (in the 0-2.5 month range). From when he was bald. And immobile. But still oh so cute! I’m sure there’ll be many more retrospectives over the next month, while I’m going through photos! Hope everyone’s enjoyed their Monday evening!

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  1. GMa Michele

    Happy Eleven Months, Mr. Stinker Pants! GMa sure does love ya!

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