Christmas Craft-mas

As I said previously, I have been making some Christmas crafts as of late.  It’s really helped spruce up our decor and has certainly helped me get in the Christmas spirit.

I thought I’d share how I made a few of my new decorations/accessories.

The first is a few new ornaments I crafted! For this, you’ll need clear glass ornaments (or you could even use colored ornaments you already have if you prefer to have the color show through!), mosaic pieces and glue (I used my trusty hot glue gun).

These ornaments were super easy and cost almost nothing!  I already had the mosaic pieces lying around (I use them as fillers around my candles) and the ornaments were the clear glass balls that you can buy in bulk at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!

I heated up my hot glue gun and got my mosaic pieces ready to begin gluing!

I took the pieces and put a dab of glue on it before sticking it to the ornament.  I held it in place for a sec to make sure it set and then moved on.  I started around the top of the ornament and worked in a circular and downward motion! Here it is about halfway complete!

And then totally finished.  I did a second with white and blue pieces and then a third with a greenish theme.  

This was such a super easy project and they look oh so pretty, but I must say – they are too heavy to hang. So instead, I’ve grouped them together in a little dish on my half-wall ledge in our entryway.  They look gorgeous there, but I think they’d also look great on the mantle with some lights behind them!!

After we finished decorating this year, and we were standing and admiring our beautiful (live) tree in our new and improved family/front room, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely hideous our tree skirt was.  This was some disgusting purchase (like 50 cents) I made years ago the day after Christmas.  Then we lived in our first house and had beige carpet — now we have burgundy carpet, so an all burgundy (but not the same shade, of course) tree skirt was not going to work.  Not to mention, it had this gross looking plaid trim on the end.  It was ick. So because I have millions of yards of leftover burlap from my other burlap projects, I decided it was time to spruce…err fir…up the tree skirt (get it, spruce, but we have a fir!).  Mind you, I decide to do this at 8:30 on a Sunday night, when we have literally been going NON STOP since 7:00 a.m. and I had just taken a horrible tumble down the basement stairs…and then shampooed the carpets.  I’m a crazy, I know. So allllllll that being said, the tree skirt has only had a partial face lift (which in home decor is OK, but not so much in plastic surgery!).  I got out my burlap, sewing scissors, hot glue gun (duh) and turned on some Dexter (bet you didnt’ realize that crafting and Dexter went so well together).

I started by cutting some burlap into strips.  I’d say they are about 2″-3″ wide and then as long as I could make them before I ran out of fabric.  They didn’t all have to be the same length.  It was easy to just stop one strip and pick up with another rather seamlessly (literally).  I then went to town with my hot glue gun.  I ran a strip of glue – a few inches long – and then cinched and stuck the strip to the glue line. (warning: you will burn your fingers and might even curse a few times during this) This was a pretty tedious process in the beginning. It just took some time to get a flow going and by the end of the first strip, I was flying!

To start the second strip, I first tested out how close I would want the ruffles before laying down my first glue line.  And then I continued around as I did the first time.

Tim thought it looked good after 2 rows and because it was late, and I was exhausted, I also thought it did the trick…and really if we didn’t have the color carpet we did, I would probably leave this way forever. But that’s not the case, so I’m hoping to eventually continue with my ruffles! Stay tuned!


This is a crap picture and I apologize for that but I cut off the top of the tree because at the time we didn’t have a topper – and Cohen’s walker toy is on the couch because I just finished shampooing the carpets.  But…it does help to show the tree skirt in it’s almost complete glory!

Here’s a more well-represented version of our tree – although I still have not figured out how to take a good looking picture of the tree with lights and all!

Last, but not least…well maybe the least…is my Christmas card display (and when I say last, I just mean in this very long, drawn out post – not last of my Christmas crafts…PUHHHLEASSSE!).

So for the last 2 years we (and that means I) struggled with how to display our holiday photos. Sometimes I’d put them on the fridge, sometimes they’d sit on the half-wall ledge in the entryway, only to be knocked down and then picked up again every time the door opened, and sometimes I put them in a little basket on the table.  Well I was sick of all those solutions.  So this year I decided to try something different – and it cost me 0 buckeroonies.  I decided to take some of the twine that I had and string it along the aforementioned half-wall ledge deal.

I attached one end to the light switch around the corner…

Then I strung the other end and tied it around a screw that I drilled in the wall.  The screw isn’t noticeable because you’re just too busy focusing on the awesome-ness that is this Christmas card display.

I took some clothespins that I had in the pantry (we don’t have a clothesline at this house, but luckily I’m a hoarder and have held onto them for the past 26 months since we last had a clothesline) and stuck them on the twine.  I think eventually I’d like to paint them (because I love to paint everything), but for now, they are as is, and I think they look just fine and rustic (just like the twine).  So far I have adorned 2 cards on there, and I can’t wait to see it get fuller as the days go on this month!

And there ya have it!  I think it is a fine solution!


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