Busy Bees – 22 week Update!

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Well…we are now 22 weeks and 1 day along.  Only 17 weeks and 6 days until baby’s due date!

We’ve had a super busy last few weeks, but really, what else is new.  We are pretty much constantly going right now.  It’s been nuts.  Recently, Tim has decided that after finishing up the current side jobs that he’s been working on, he is going to go on a sort of sabbatical from The Designary to be able to focus on other stuff in life.  He really wants to focus on wedding photography, and in order to do that he needs to get his portfolio online.  We’ve also realized that if we’re going to get ready for our little boy, we must have some time (mainly on the weekends) to be able to get stuff done and with all the side jobs, it has been nearly impossible to do that.  While we are so thankful with all the opportunities for him to make extra money (which have truly helped), he is in need of a little break.  We don’t want him getting so burnt out that it’s no longer enjoyable for him to do.

This weekend we had a garage sale at our house and were able to get rid of lots of stuff that we’ve been hanging on to for far too long.  Today we took some of that money and went to Babies R Us in Shorewood and put our crib on layaway, only to find out after we got home that my parents were going to buy that for us.  That being said, we were totally stoked about that, and from here on out will put our financial efforts toward purchasing the dresser to match.  The layaway program at Babies R Us is right up our alley, and they give you 90 days to pay off the purchase, which is perfect…although we’re hoping for a much faster payoff on these items as that’ll be cutting it close to baby Seidler’s much anticipated arrival and I know we’ll want the nursery set up before then.  While at Babies R Us we also added some stuff to the registry now that we had a set theme in mind for the nursery.  We got crib bedding from our friends from Pottery Barn Kids and have decided to pair that with sailboat decor.  I was also able to purchase (secondhand) from another friend some decorations to go along with that theme.

After looking at the Pottery Barn Kids website, and because our Target registry was so scarce, we decided to start a registry there for our decor items, since they would have what matched best because that’s where the crib bedding was originally from.  We are super excited to see our ideas coming together…it definitely makes it so much more real – as if it wasn’t already.  The baby selection at Target has become so slim that we thought we’d just stick with the Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids registries for the bulk of our stuff.  We are keeping the Target one for some select items not available elsewhere, such as a video camera (we figured that would come in handy when the baby arrives), as well as diapers and wipes. It’s nice because they give you coupons after your due date to come in and purchase the things not previously purchased off your registry!

We’ve been buying clothes for baby Seidler since shortly after finding out we were expecting him.  We have maybe only purchased two things new, though, at this point, and have stuck to garage sales that friends have had.  It’s been awesome to get so much nice clothing for so incredibly cheap.  Our little guy will definitely be set on clothes!

The baby has been kicking more and more everyday now. I’m getting accustomed to what exactly makes him squirm.  It was pretty neat on Friday night because he was going crazy!  Tim got to feel him grooving in there too, which was awesome.  We even plugged the headphones into the computer and played some music for him.  He loves one of our favorite bands, Wakey Wakey, which we were happy about.  He also really enjoyed some REO Speedwagon, and of course, the Beatles!  He’s also been pushing a bit more on my sciatic nerve, and so my nights become pretty uncomfortable, especially when I’m very active during the day.  This weekend was particularly rough for me, because we were getting the garage sale stuff together, and also doing a serious deep clean on the house, all of which wore my body out to the max.  By the time I laid down at night, I was spent.  Crawling to the bathroom was the best I could do as my legs would no longer work to stand…needless to say, that was rough. I’m definitely learning my limits – but also don’t want to be a wuss!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the summer as much as we have. We are definitely looking forward to fall – Tim’s favorite season – and I guess I would say it’s mine too!  The dance season is starting back up in full force in the next two weeks, which means I’ll only get busier, and so I’m sure it’ll be no time until it’s winter and the baby is here!

Thanks for checking in and hopefully this week we’ll be able to update with a new belly shot!

Madison…and Tim and Moe, too!

It’s A…

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Well at our appointment on Thursday, we found out that we are having a…BOY! We are very excited to know now a little bit more about who is in there! There was definitely no doubt in the tech’s eyes that he was for sure a boy! It was cool to be able to see him in there and he has gotten much larger than the previous u/s we’ve had. He was sucking his thumb, and even had the hiccups. He didn’t enjoy the u/s probe being pushed into my belly, so he was quite squirmy. Based on the measurements that the tech took, he is measuring (gestationally) about 3 days behind our due date…which is pretty uncommon. For the most part, (from what I’ve read in my books and online) babies are usually 1-2 weeks behind gestationally at the mother’s 20 week scan. That being said, he weighed 10 ounces and is right on track weight wise…looks like we’re going to have a big boy on our hands – and in my tummy!

Tim took Friday off work and we ventured up to Orland Park to do our registries. We know there is going to be lots needed for this baby and so we wanted to get a jump on registering now, so we would have the time to add and change things in the next few weeks. We ended up registering primarily at Babies R Us, and then also did a smaller registry at Target. The whole process was pretty overwhelming because there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, etc. It was a lot of fun, though, and we are really happy with the stuff that we picked out! We – well mostly just I – am trying to decide if I am really sold on the bedding we picked out. The options weren’t as great for boys and I’m just not sure it’s what we’ll end up going with for sure…I’ve been doing some more research today to see if there’s something I like better. It seems there are a lot more options on the websites than they have in stores, which makes sense, but makes it difficult when you’re in the store registering!

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday morning to have a follow up to my 20 week scan since he wasn’t in when I was there on Thursday. The tech said he’ll basically just review everything that was found on the u/s on Thursday. She did say, though, that he is growing right on track and his heart had all the ventricles developed and working properly, as well as the brain functioning and growing as it should be. Hopefully he’ll stay on track with his growing and can maybe grace us with his presence before Christmas, like I’m really hoping for at this point!

And now…here are the pictures from our 20 week scan!!

Ultrasound Picture @ 12w4d

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This was the ultrasound picture we received at our 12 week appointment on 6/16. As I mentioned in the previous post, we are still getting the hang of documenting the pregnancy, so we hope you’ll bare with us while we find our flow! I was 12w4d at this appointment (today I’m 17w5d), so as you can imagine the baby is much larger now, however, it was crazy to see the change from the 8 week appointment to this appointment. The next time we’ll get an actual picture of the baby will be at the 20 week ultrasound on the 5th, at which time we’ll find out the sex (if he/she cooperates), as well as see how the baby is measuring, etc.


Belly Update!

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Here’s the first of my belly pictures to be posted over the course of the next few months. I took this on Monday (17w2d). I had to improvise with my phone in the bathroom because I couldn’t get the photography set up in the basement to work and Tim was already gone to work. We took a photo at 13 weeks, but that must not be uploaded yet. We are still getting used to documenting this!

As you can see, my belly is definitely starting to protrude. I’m still mostly wearing pre-pregnancy clothes, but I do have a few maternity items that I incorporate into my wardrobe during the week. I realize more and more each day when I wake up that it won’t be long before I’ll have to give in and actually go shopping for some essentials. I’m hoping to hold off a little longer, though, until some stuff goes on sale / the stores put out the fall and winter clothes, since that is when I’ll be at my largest .

All is going well with the pregnancy. There are some days that are harder than others, but over all I’ve had a pretty textbook pregnancy and I’m thankful for that! Our next OB appointment is on August 5th – at which time we’re hoping we’ll be able to find out the sex of the baby! After that we’ll hopefully be able to start planning the nursery and really go into baby mode. I’ve been reading all sorts of consumer reports, etc. on the best baby products and feel pretty informed in terms of knowing what to get and what to skip…although I’m sure it’ll be pretty overwhelming when we finally do go to register! I also spend a lot of time after work watching A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby and pretty much any other “baby” program on TV that I can find. Although I always liked watching these before I was pregnant, they are certainly much more relevant now and I think in the long run they’ll help prepare me a little more…

Thanks for checking in!

16 week visit

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Yesterday we met with the doctor to check the babies progress. We went half expecting to leave with a good idea of the gender, however it is just too soon to tell. We’ll have to wait another 3 weeks before the big reveal.

While there Madison had her blood drawn so that they could do a quad screen which tests for problems in the development of the fetus’s brain and spinal cord as well as genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. We’ve already heard back today that the test came back negative and the baby is completely healthy. Although we never anticipated any health issues it is sure a relief to hear that they haven’t found any.

In other news, we’re starting to get serious about taking regular pictures of Madison’s stomach profile to document her growth and to make something cool with the pictures down the line. We plan on getting one of those belly casts at some point as well to have a lasting outline of her bulging stomach.

That’s all.