Happy Birthday Cohen!

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Well…he’s finally here!!

I woke up Tuesday morning at about 4am with some pretty strong contractions. After 20 mins of tossing and turning I decided I’d move out to the couch and try to hang out there, watch some TV and hopefully fall back asleep…the baby, however, had other plans.

About 6:30 the contractions started picking up intensity and I moved to the exercise ball hoping for a little release. I stood up at 7 to go make coffee for Tim … And boom … My water breaks!!!

Tim had just woken up for work and we decided it’d be best that he showered and got ready to go and we’d play it by ear when he needed to come home…well within 15 mins it was quite apparent these contractions were picking up steam – and fast.

I wanted to make sure to shower and get ready and feel as prepared mentally and physically as possible so I did just that. It took a little longer to do this because the pain was pretty intense but finally at about 9:30 we were set to head to the hospital…with a clean house and clean laundry nonetheless. It was a dream come true!!

Upon arriving at the hospital I was 3 cm dilated which was a great progression since at yesterday’s OB appointment I was at 1.5 and my doctor was planning to induce next Monday if baby wasn’t here. I got hooked up to all sorts of machines and pretty quickly I requested the epidural. My contractions were about 3 mins apart and were VERY strong.

I got the epidural about 11:30 and had some relief for a little bit. It seemed to progress super fast from there. I was checked and at 6 and then rather quickly made it to 9 and then 10. When it came to pushing it was pretty hard as the epidural unfortunately was not holding up and I had quite a bit of pain. I pushed for about 50 mins and then a of a sudden there he was!!!

Cohen Timothy Seidler was born at 5:44 pm. He weighed in at 7 lb 1 oz and is 19 inches long. He has a full head of dark hair and is already sooo handsome!!

We spent the evening hanging out with family and our first batch of visitors, all of whom loved him so much already as well. We also got to enjoy some Maria’s pizza!!

We will make sure to update with more photos later, but I’m currently restricted to what I have on my phone!!

Tim and I truly feel so blessed and are so excited to start this journey as parents together!!

Video Tour of the Nursery

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Here’s a 360 degree tour of the completed nursery.  Nevermind my open suitcase in the corner, or Tim’s shaky hand.  We’re having fun with Tim’s new IPhone that his parents got him for his birthday and so be prepared for all sorts of videos and pictures now!

There’s a baby in your body

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The baby is trying to bust out!

Full Term!

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So we’ve successfully done what we didn’t want to do…neglect our blog.  We are now 37 weeks and 3 days long and couldn’t be more anxious for the baby to be born!  It’s been a rough few weeks with some blood pressure issues I’ve been having, but overall, I really can’t complain.  My pregnancy has been pretty textbook and it seems like it’ll all be smooth sailing until he makes his grand entrance!  We’ve been seeing the doctor weekly now for the past few weeks and we had an appointment yesterday, which went well.  My blood pressure was the lowest it’s been in weeks, which was a relief and my cervix is still thinning out and I am dilated just past 1 cm.  The doctor will continue to monitor my blood pressure and induce only if necessary.  At this point, we want to avoid induction because the risk of a c-section is so much greater when you’re induced too soon.  He does seem confident, though, that next week could be our week.  Tim’s 28th birthday is next week, so it could make for lots more excitement!

While I was put on some sort of light activity “bed rest” a few weeks ago, it seems as though I need to do the real deal now…so I’m currently home from work, sitting on the couch, watching the tube.  Not as fun as it sounds.  I would love to get some stuff done, but realize the best thing for me and the baby right now is to take it easy.  I did try and paint my toe nails…but that did not go well at all.  Seems as though I need a professional to handle that as I can no longer bend in such a way.  I can’t wait to be able to put my own socks and shoes on again … very soon!!

We are definitely all set for the baby to come.  The nursery looks awesome and we are really blessed to have received all the wonderful gifts that we did at the 3 SHOWERS that were thrown for us!  The abundance of support we’ve received is really overwhelming.  It seems like all our friends and family are just as excited as we are to welcome our boy into the world!

We’ve got the house cleaned, laundry done, decorated for Christmas, the car seat installed and all our bags packed…so now the baby should come!  At least that’s what we tried telling him these last few days…but we’d rather wait until he’s ready to come – we just hope it’s before Christmas!  Fingers crossed.  My Aunt Melissa, Uncle Jim and their 4 boys are coming to town for Christmas now, and we’re really excited to be hosting Christmas this year – so hopefully the baby will cooperate and want to come a little early so we can be at home to host and enjoy our first Christmas together!

Here’s a current picture of me!  I definitely feel as though I’m running out of room to grow anymore!  I’ll also get a picture of the nursery on here, as well, so everyone can see how great it turned out.  We are proud of the work we put it into it!

Thanks for checking in!  We will make sure to keep everyone better updated over the coming weeks as the baby makes his entrance into our crazy world!

Tim & Madison (and MOE)

30 weeks!

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Based on our handy dandy analytics tool that lets us know how many people are visiting the site I can tell that our faithful followers are screaming for an update.  Without further ado, here is what we’ve been up to.

On my end
Life is busy and it’s about to get much busier.  Aside from working the usual 9-5 I’ve been swamped with loads of side projects that are eating up my nights and weekends.  Between designing park district brochures, making new websites and photographing weddings and engagements I’m trying to find time to get the house ready for baby.  There is a long list of things we want to get done before he comes and since Madison is now a little more limited in the things we can realistically expect her to do, the burden (if you want to call it that) falls on me.  Luckily I’m up for the challenge.

Last weekend we finally got around to painting the nursery.  We went with the standard blue, but ventured out of our comfort zone and rocked a horizontal white stripe around the entire room.  It took way longer than I expected, but turned out great.  Now we just have to get some furniture and accessories in there to finish it off.

On Madison’s end
Our baby boy is growing fast.  At our last ultrasound his head was in the 93rd percentile with the rest of his body working to catch up.  We’re expecting a monster.  Doctor said that he has flipped to the head down position which puts us in good shape for a traditional birth.  Everything else checks out normal as well which leaves us optimistic that we’ll come out of this with a healthy newborn.

Although Madison will tell you her pregnancy has been without incident for the most part, I would tell you that she is experiencing the usual aches and pains more than she lets on.  Back pain and Braxton Hicks contractions plague her most days and the swollen ankles that almost all pregnant women experience is becoming more common for her as well.  She is a trooper though and rarely gives in to my pleas for her to slow down or let me help her.  I’ll be insisting a lot more now that the due date is looming around the corner.

On the horizon
We’re looking forward to 3 baby showers coming up:  one being thrown by our moms, one by Madison’s friends and one by her wonderful work crew.  I am incredibly thankful for the show of support and honestly don’t know how we could bring this baby into the world without the generosity of everyone involved.

We are also looking forward to a birthing class we’re attending in November to prepare us for the big day.  Although I’m confident I can do that weird breathing thing without a teacher (hee hee hoo), I know it’ll be mighty helpful to practice my diaper changing skills and whatever else they want to throw at me.

Thanks everyone for checking in.  We’ll continue to update as Seidler Baby Watch 2010 rolls on.