Getting so big!

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Cohen is ten weeks old today and that is so hard to believe. For how slow the end of my pregnancy went, it amazes me how quickly these last ten weeks have gone by. Everyday with Cohen is exciting and new. It’s so great to actually see him learning. You can see his wheels turning as he explores in his playmat or tries to suck his thumb. We are working in tummy time more and I have found that he likes to be propped up on the Boppy pillow.

He’s getting on more of a schedule which I am appreciating. We are working on extending the time between feedings and during the day we can go almost 3 hours – and at night he will sleep about 8 or 9 hours. During the day he’ll also take a good 3-4 hour nap in the late afternoon. He wakes up so refreshed and ready for fun!

Cohen loves music and really loves dancing. And by dancing I mean giggling and moving his legs and arms to the tune. His favorites? Wakey Wakey, Mumford and Sons, Greg Laswell and Mat Kearney.

Tim loves to read to Cohen at night. The other night he introduced Shel Silverstein for the first time. Cohen enjoyed it. And Moe even joined in.

This past weekend we took Cohen to Tim’s Aunt Louanne’s in Chicago. This was his first time there and he a great time. We are looking forward to being able to take him up there this spring when it’s warmer so we can walk around.

He’s been doing great sleeping in his crib. We normally swaddle him at night so he doesn’t wake himself with his crazy hands but this was taken by Aunt Chelsea when she watched him last week. We were told that sleeping like that is a sign of high intelligence. We aren’t sure how true that is…but we are sticking with that since he loves to stretch out like that! Haha.

We hope that everyone enjoys their week!

The Seidlers

2 Month CheckUp

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We had Cohen’s 2 month check up yesterday – and this included his dreaded first round of immunizations! Dr. Best said that developmentally Cohen was doing great – he can hold his head up while on his tummy much better, his lungs sound great, he’s growing appropriately. He’s weighing in these days at a whopping 11 lb. 6 oz. and is 23 inches long. That is a weight gain of exactly 4 lbs. from his first check up at 16 days old and 4 inches since birth! He’s going to be a big boy!

Cohen at 16 days old!

Cohen at 2 months

As you can see from the photos, there is quite a difference from his first appointment to yesterday. He’s definitely beefed up! Dr. Best said he was in the 50% percentile for weight and 73% for height. He also said it was definitely time for him to be in his own room at night…I knew Cohen would be fine; I was more concerned about me! He did spend his first full night in his nursery, though, and he did great! He slept great, and part of that might have been due to the amount of screaming he did after his shots. That had to have wore him out! But we did survive the first shots and the first night in the crib – so his first Valentine’s Day was nothing if not exciting!

When he finally calmed down after lots of screaming, we were able to take some pictures last night and we got some great ones! He was actually pretty smiley and happy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cohen & his Bear!

This bear was made by one of my co-workers at the dance school and Tim has taken pictures of Cohen next to the bear over the last 2 months to show how much he’s grown. Won’t be long before he’s taller than the bear!

I'm 2 Months Old!

Cohen has been spending lots of time on his playmat. He’s really gotten the hang of grabbing for the objects that hang above him and you can see the sense of accomplishment on his face when he bats at one of the rattles. He’ll usually have a good 20 minutes cooing, smiling and giggling on the mat before he lets us know he’s done!

On my play mat!

We got Cohen a Bumbo seat over the weekend and we tested it out on Sunday morning while getting ready for church. He looks so cute and considering he can’t totally hold his head up on his own, he does a great job sitting in there and it should definitely help strengthen his neck!

In my Bumbo!

Thanks for checking in loyal readers (aka – our parents)! We will make sure to update again soon, as we realize he changes almost daily and we don’t want to miss documenting anything!

Madison, Tim, Cohen – and as always, Moe!


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Here’s a preview of Cohen’s newest pics taken by Daddy! I’ll update tomorrow with news from his 2 month check up today!

Funny pictures!

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Here’s a few funny pics of Cohen from yesterday. He was cooing, giggling and smiling. It was great! We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do!!

Almost 8 weeks!

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Sorry for the lack of updates…it’s been a crazy few weeks for our family.  Sadly, Tim’s twin brother Jeff passed away about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and we’ve just been getting back to “normal” (whatever that is) since then.  It is very sad to think that Cohen never got to formally meet his Uncle Jeff, but we know for certain that Jeff will be watching over him and we will make sure to raise him knowing just how great Jeff was.  I’m sure Tim will have all sorts of fun stories to share with Cohen about the crazy stuff he and his brother did growing up!  I also know that it has helped the healing for everyone having Cohen here.  He brings lots of joy to everyone’s lives and his smile definitely helps all of us remember just how great life really is, in the midst of lots of sadness!

It was nice having Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cindy here for as long as they were over the first few weeks of Cohen’s life…we were sad to see them go back to California, as we had gotten used to having them around.  We do look forward to being able to visit, though, this summer and show Cohen how cool Half Moon Bay is!

This week Cohen experienced his first snow day!  The big blizzard began Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday morning we woke up to well over 2 feet of snow in certain areas, due to high winds and drifts.  Now we have snow piles in our front yard as high as 7 feet or more from the plows clearing out the cul-de-sac!  We woke up yesterday, and Tim spent about an hour and a half digging us out of our driveway – then we headed to Grandma Michele’s house where Tim proceeded to dig her car out on the street!  We took some pictures of the downtown area – and those aren’t uploaded into the computer yet – but once they are, we’ll make sure to post them here!

This barely even shows just how much snow there was!

Looking back on pictures of Cohen over the last 7 weeks, he sure has changed a lot.  He is smiling a lot more now and he loves spending time on his playmat in the evenings.  Baths have become much more enjoyable for him and he’s starting to kick his little legs in the tub, which is so cute.  He’s super animated and is really responsive when we talk and play with him.  He loves his Glo-Worm from Grandma Michele and has started reaching out and trying to touch Glowy’s face when he’s on his changing table!

Such a dapper young man

Tim and I are really looking forward to the weather warming up.  We are excited for the idea of getting outside with Cohen and Moe and playing in the yard and taking walks and all the fun stuff that is so much more accessible…when it’s not -20.

Hope all is well with our faithful readers!  I promise this time it won’t be another 4 weeks before we have another update!