The Easter Bunny

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Today we headed out to the mall for a little family outing. We had some gift cards we had yet to use and we thought it’d be nice to get out of the house for a little bit. When we got there and Cohen was oh so smiley we first see the Easter Bunny! We weren’t sure how this would go, but as you can see, it went off without a hitch! It couldn’t have been more perfect! First time, set him down, he grabs her fingers and they snap the picture. And just when we thought he couldn’t get any cuter!

The other picture is of Cohen with his friend, Tenley. The quality is not the best because I took this version from Cory and Suzanne’s blog since we have not downloaded ours from the camera yet! We got together with Cory and Suzanne on Sunday for a birthday dinner for Suzanne! It is fun to see the babies interact with one another. Tenley is 5 months older than Cohen but he’s such a moose so you can’t really tell that much. I am looking forward to seeing them play together this summer when they’re both so much more mobile!


My break is coming to a close this weekend and I’ll go back to juggling work and Cohen which is definitely stressful. I know, though, it won’t always have to be this way and want to take as much time to cherish Cohen each and everyday as he changes so much daily. We have lots to look forward to in the coming months and have so much to be thankful for and always have our prayers too!

It seems as though the weather will be warming up and we can hardly wait! We hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend and has a great week coming up!

Madison, Tim, Cohen and Moe

Happy April, Fools! :)

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This isn't so bad after all!

Yesterday Cohen and I decided to take some new pictures of him. Of course, I take lots of picture everyday, but it’s not everyday that I pose him or take pictures with the actual camera. Most of the time, I just take pictures on my phone because it’s much more accessible than Tim’s big, fancy camera! I haven’t uploaded the pictures from the camera yet, but I wanted to give a little sneak peek of the ones I got on my phone.

I always have to have these hands in my mouth!

Why are you making me do this, Mommy?

What're you looking at?!


Cohen has been a lot more interested in Moe lately…but the same does not go for Moe. haha. He likes to babble in Moe’s direction and sometimes he just stares at him! It’s pretty cute!

Cohen yelling at Moe!

Cohen cooperated so well and I’m really excited to be able to get his pictures done at the end of the month. My cousin, Jennifer is a wonderful photographer – check out her site – and she lives in Chicago now with her husband. We are currently in the process of setting up a time to get Cohen’s pictures done with her in the city once it’s a little warmer out! Tim and I are both sooooo excited for that. He’s so photogenic and loves smiling at us, so I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch!

Such a happy boy!

I'm so happy!

We very well could have one of the most photographed babies in the whole world. And most of these pictures are just on done on the fly from my phone. Hopefully soon I’ll get the camera photos on the computer and show some of those, too! We hope that everyone enjoys the start of April. Hopefully it’ll be warming up in no time! We have so much to look forward to this Spring – days in the city, zoo trips, Cohen’s Baptism and Grandpa Ken & Grandma Cindy visiting…my birthday (haha) and introducing Cohen to food!

Thanks for checking in!

Love, Madison

Modeling my outfit from Uncle Pete!

Cohen’s First Cold – and other news!

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Well, we’re now in the midst of dealing with Cohen’s first cold (or as the doctor called it – upper respiratory infection). It’s been pretty sad to see our snotty little boy deal with the not so fun sniffles, coughs and sneezes. It has also made for some pretty gruesome days and nights lately. He has recently started a “wakeful” trend of wanting to get up for the day around 2:30 a.m. Add the cold to that, and it’s been pretty exhausting. We have had to elevate his mattress the last 2 nights to help with the stuffiness and his breathing, but now the issue is that he wiggles his way down his crib and under his blanket. He gets all ticked off and wakes up YELLING! After 2 days of pretty high fevers, I am hoping that today is better. Grandma is coming to visit us in a little bit – she’s been in Philadelphia for work since Sunday, so she hasn’t seen Cohen. He can’t wait!

My nose won't stop running!

Other than this cold we’re battling, we were able to have some fun last week when the weather was GORGEOUS! We got out and took our first walk as a family. Moe loved being able to get out and run around and Tim and I were also happy for the exercise! Cohen seemed to enjoy them, too. He was a little unsure during the first walk – but by the next day, when we went in the afternoon with friends, he was loving it! He is a little confused by wind, but other than that he does great!

Cohen has been coming to work with me every few days when we don’t have a sitter. For the most part, he does pretty good there, but I know that won’t always be the case! He is turning out to be quite the executive!

Cohen and I spent some time last week over at my friend/co-worker Emily’s house. Her daughter, Brinlee is just twelve days older than Cohen! They had a great time playing together and they introduced us to Cohen’s new favorite show on Disney…Jungle Junction!

Watching Jungle Junction together!

Last week was Cohen’s first St. Patrick’s Day. We had a fun day – first he went to work with me – and then we hung out with Emily and Brin for a bit before having dinner with Grandpa and Daddy! Grandpa always makes corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Cohen can’t wait to try it when he’s a little bigger! Although, from the picture, he looks like he’s already been indulging in meat and potatoes!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We are still loving the playmat and have been trying to up our tummy time – but he’s not so keen on that yet! We’ll get there, though. He’s getting very strong and loves to smile and kick his legs!! When he’s on his playmat, he’s gotten very good at grabbing at the different rattles! One of his favorite toys right now is his crinkle book. It’s fun to watch him grab at it and yell at it! We have even tried out the exersaucer once and he did pretty well! He is still a little wobbly and I put a pillow under his feet since he couldn’t yet reach..but he sure did like trying to lick all the different toys on it!

I’ll leave you with one last pic of our little guy sitting on the couch, showing me how he can be “serious!” SO CUTE! It’s hard to choose which pictures to include in these posts – We take a ridiculous amount each day! Thanks for checking in!

3 months old!

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Cohen is now three months old – as of yesterday, in fact – and getting bigger and funnier each day! Below is a video from tonight of his first real laughter. He’s giggled – but really it just sounded like choking – but now we’ve got the real deal. If this doesn’t make you smile, I’d check the place where your heart is supposed to be…

I will update soon with more pictures and all that good stuff, but this was just too good to wait!

Hope all is well with our loyal readers!

Madison (and the rest of the fam, of course)

Cohen has Stinky Feet!

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