Our Anniversary!

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Obviously this poor blog has fallen by the wayside. I swear, I always have the best intentions, but between the two kids, the dog (who I swear gets needier with each passing day), this house, my stay-at-home-full-time-working-mom status, the book blog, Tim’s full time job, his side stuff, there’s just not much left in the day. Really. I go to bed about 3:15 each day. Alarm goes off about 5:45. It’s madness. But, so far, it’s working. Read more

Wow. So it’s been a year.

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Well. We’ve more than neglected this site, huh? That’s sad. What’s not sad is today, we met our baby girl.

Sloan Jeffrey Seidler was born at 1:29pm at Silver Cross Hospital. After only about 2 hours of active labor and a couple pushes, we met all 6 lbs 4 oz, 19 inches of her.


She’s just as beautiful as we imagined and it’s been such a great day finally meeting her.

It all happened so fast, it still blows my mind. I woke up this morning, not in labor. I was just having some serious pressure and just overall discomfort. I worried I’d have a rough day at home with Cohen while Tim was working, so I decided to call the doc’s office. Well, she advised us to come into the hospital. Said doc was here on surgeries all day anyway, and better safe than sorry.


A couple hours later, we left Cohen hanging with Grandpa and headed to the hospital. We weren’t sure what was going to happen when we got here. I was dilated to 3cm the day before at my appointment, and was scheduled for an induction on Friday anyway, so we really hoped they wouldn’t send us home.

We got checked in about 10:15-10:30. Doc said I was about 3.5-4cm and he was cool keeping me, breaking water and getting the ball rolling. He predicted we’d meet Sloan by 4:00.


At 11:19 he broke my water. Immediately, contractions started. They were the worst. Soooo strong and so close together. After a hold up with blood work, I got my epidural at 12:55. At this point, I went from a 5 to 10 in 7 mins. Suddenly, doc says “okay, ready to have a baby in 4 minutes?” I could not believe it.

Sure enough …



I was blown away by how fast it all went. And so thankful I went with my gut this morning and came in before I was actually in labor.


Tonight, my mom and sister came up with Cohen, too, and he got to meet his “baby mistah” for the first time. I’ll get those pics and video up next.

Thanks to everyone, though, that called and texted and wrote on our Facebook pages today. We really appreciate it. And couldn’t be happier.


The Masters

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Tim gave Cohen his first golf lesson this afternoon! It was really cute and Cohen actually got the hang of trying to hit the ball with the club. And I must note that these are Cohen’s own clubs. His first!



Easter Festivities

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Friday night we decided to try coloring eggs with Cohen.  I fully knew it would be a bigger mess than anything, but still wanted the experience with him and hoped we’d have a little fun, too!  We definitely made a mess, but also had fun.  I think we got 7 really ugly eggs out of it!  🙂


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Cohen, lately

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With this super warm and awesome end of winter/transition into spring, we have been getting out of the house a lot more than I even anticipated and it’s been great!  We have played outside, taken walks, gone to the park and even a super fun children’s museum. Note: some photos are pre-haircut and some are after.  Hopefully I can get my act together and get the actual haircut photos/videos here soon.  Because I held him for that, the photos are on Tim’s camera and Tim’s phone…so it’s more difficult for me attain those photos.

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