Busy, Busy!

May is finally here!  One of my favorite months!  I love all the nice weather, and the flowers blooming…it’s been gorgeous out lately!  It’s a super busy time for us right now.  Tim and I went to my cousin Jennifer’s wedding this past weekend in Saginaw, MI.  After a very long drive on Friday night, we made it to the hotel about midnight.  The wedding on Saturday was beautiful.  It was my first completely sober wedding.  It was definitely interesting knowing I couldn’t have a drink.  I got tired early in the night…about dinner time…but once dancing started, I perked up quite a bit.  We stayed until about midnight, before I could hardly stand on my feet any longer!  We were able to sleep in a little bit on Sunday morning before beginning the trek home.  We made it home in the late afternoon…in time to eat dinner, unpack and unwind a bit before going to bed and getting ready for work all over again this week. 

This weekend it’s my birthday on Friday, Tim is hosting a bachelor party at the house on Saturday, while I’m at a housewarming party, and Sunday, Tim’s mom comes into town for a visit!  We are very excited to be able to do a dual Mother’s Day dinner with both of our moms! 

I’m looking forward to our vacation at the beginning of June.  Our friend, Ryan, is getting married in Nipomo, CA the first weekend in June and while that’s also recital weekend at the dance school, I’ve managed to just about fit it all in.  I’m going to be at recital on Friday night, and then fly out super early on Saturday to make it there just in time for the wedding and reception.  From there we are headed up to Half Moon Bay to visit Tim’s parents for a few days and do some serious relaxing!  I’m sure by then we’ll definitely be in need of some relaxation!  It’ll be nice to drive up the coast between Nipomo and Half Moon Bay.  I’ve never done that, and I’m excited to do some sight-seeing.  I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

It’s definitely a super busy time in our lives right now, but we are trying to enjoy everything as much as we can right now, because although it’s busy, it’s also very exciting!  We have our first OB appointment on May 20, which will entail a very extensive physical, as well as our first ultrasound!  We are really looking forward to that! 

Thanks for checking in on us!  We hope that everyone is enjoying the first few days of May!

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