Boo Radley

Our yard…there’s so much landscaping. And Tim and I have the lightest shade of green thumbs you could ever imagine, so when it comes to maintaining said landscape, it’s a little daunting. Last year, with the help of my parents we pulled weeds and beautified…this year, we had an infant, Tim had more side jobs and so there was a lot less beautifying of the yard. Just getting the lawn mowed seemed like a chore; I mean, I guess it technically is a chore, but it was one that seemed harder to cross off the list. Before we knew it, our yard looked a lot like that of Boo Radley’s from To Kill a Mockingbird. I mean, I’m not so sure he had crap landscaping, but I do know it was scary and that was what our yard had become.

We were pretty certain we were just going to leave it as is and hope it snowed early this year, because we were so embarrassed of the yard, but didn’t have the time (but who does, really), or financial resources needed for mulching the beast, before hosting Thanksgiving. But then, we had that nice Saturday last weekend, and while I was painting those light fixtures, Tim got to pulling the massive amount of weeds we had! He got a decent amount done before Cohen woke up from his morning nap.

After getting a few more things done in the afternoon, we decided it would be best to go out and try and tackle any more of it that we could. Well, after a little over three hours out there (of course, in addition to the hour and a half Tim spent earlier that morning), our yard was looking so much better! Granted, we pulled out and chopped down most of it – we’ll cross the replanting bridge next year – but it was a very necessary clean slate! I think if we can get some mulch next year right away in the spring, it will keep the jungle from growing back!

I spent about two more hours out there on Tuesday and I think it’s pretty safe to say our yard is winterized. I did a little more raking, emptied out all our hanging baskets and pots, pruned some other pots, did some more hedge trimming, and transplanted 2 hydrangeas. HOORAY! And then it got windy…and rainy…and super windy. So now our yard is covered in leaves again! CRAP! So it looks like we’ll need about 30 more yard bags and a few more hours after the ground dries a little bit and we’ll be able to get those leaves cleaned up. Either way, though, at least we’ve gotten a huge head start (and incredibly sore backs from all that leaning over!). Yard work is a necessary evil – and I hope someday we can just make it part of our normal spring/summer/fall routine, so it doesn’t always have to be such a disaster! For now, though, we’re sittin’ pretty-ish! Disclaimer: this does not at all include the backyard, or either side yard, which also has quite a bit of landscaping – but hey, at least you don’t see that when you pull in the driveway! 😉

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