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In preparation for the baby we’re trying to get as much stuff done around the house as possible so we don’t have to worry about that as much once the delivery date gets closer.  This has meant loads of yard work.  Madison and I both had thumbs that came no where near resembling a color close to green when the summer began, but now we’re weed pulling, plant splitting, bed mulching fools.  Those yard endeavors have taken up quite a bit of our time, but we’re better for having done it.

Lets see, more baby stuff….Ok so Madison found out she has an umbilical hernia which caused her belly button to pop prematurely and also causes her quite a bit of pain depending on the day and stress level.  She’s a trooper though so no worries.

In the last couple of days we’ve done a small amount of shopping for the baby.  We hit up a local crafters market on Saturday and grabbed a cool little hat that will come in handy come December when we get to meet the little one.  On top of that we scored the coolest pacifier ever (see picture).  Today we went up to Babies R Us in Schaumburg to scope out what we’re in for once we start getting serious about getting everything for the baby.  Strollers and baby monitors and bedding and clothes and pack n plays were all viewed and analyzed.  Our favorite find was a crib that at the moment we have to have.  Madison posed with it just so we could show everyone.

Tomorrow is our 16 week appointment and since we’ve decided we want to find out what we’re having, we are nervously anticipating catching a sneak peek of the baby’s gender.  Officially the date to find out is August 5th, but who knows, there might be some evidence one way or another tomorrow.

The last fun fact for this post is that our baby is the size of a turnip this week so that’s definitely a step up from the avocado last week.

Ciao for now.

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