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Magic Carpet

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As promised here’s my new carpet report, but only a few days late, because, well that’s how I do it around here.  At least, when it comes to this blog.  Everything else I’m usually at least 15 minutes early for.  Because timeliness is important to me.  Except here.  Sorry.

Table for two!

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When my mom got a new table a few years ago, she passed down her old kitchen table.  It was in good condition, but only had two chairs left.  This has worked fine in our kitchen, because we have limited “eat-in” space and there’s only been 2 of us needing chairs.  Whenever we have more family over for dinner, we eat at the dining room table, which fits 6.  So anyways, this table was a lighter wood color, and although …


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I’m still working on gathering all the vacation photos, haircut photos and videos and new carpet photos (we are in serious need of a new organizational plan for our photos and videos – hopefully soon)…so in the meantime I thought I would share two videos of Cohen.  The first is from a couple weeks ago when I taught him how to drink with a straw, and the second is from today!  He’s getting so big and so smart!  It’s great …

Yikes, a month?

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Well – looks as though the last month has flown past…but with the crazy nice weather, it’s made keeping up with this blog even harder!  SORRY!  But I do have so much to update you on…vacation, refinishing of my entryway desk, refinishing my kitchen table & chairs, rearranging some pictures, COHEN’S FIRST HAIRCUT, and a few fun day activities.  The most exciting – well other than Cohen’s hair cut, of course, will be a carpet update on Tuesday!  Yeah, I …

The Beginning

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The following is basically a smorgasbord of our early days of 2012.  It didn’t seem like we had much downtime, but I’m also not exactly sure what we did…anyone ever feel like that?  No…just me maybe?