Almost 8 weeks!

Sorry for the lack of updates…it’s been a crazy few weeks for our family.  Sadly, Tim’s twin brother Jeff passed away about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and we’ve just been getting back to “normal” (whatever that is) since then.  It is very sad to think that Cohen never got to formally meet his Uncle Jeff, but we know for certain that Jeff will be watching over him and we will make sure to raise him knowing just how great Jeff was.  I’m sure Tim will have all sorts of fun stories to share with Cohen about the crazy stuff he and his brother did growing up!  I also know that it has helped the healing for everyone having Cohen here.  He brings lots of joy to everyone’s lives and his smile definitely helps all of us remember just how great life really is, in the midst of lots of sadness!

It was nice having Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cindy here for as long as they were over the first few weeks of Cohen’s life…we were sad to see them go back to California, as we had gotten used to having them around.  We do look forward to being able to visit, though, this summer and show Cohen how cool Half Moon Bay is!

This week Cohen experienced his first snow day!  The big blizzard began Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday morning we woke up to well over 2 feet of snow in certain areas, due to high winds and drifts.  Now we have snow piles in our front yard as high as 7 feet or more from the plows clearing out the cul-de-sac!  We woke up yesterday, and Tim spent about an hour and a half digging us out of our driveway – then we headed to Grandma Michele’s house where Tim proceeded to dig her car out on the street!  We took some pictures of the downtown area – and those aren’t uploaded into the computer yet – but once they are, we’ll make sure to post them here!

This barely even shows just how much snow there was!

Looking back on pictures of Cohen over the last 7 weeks, he sure has changed a lot.  He is smiling a lot more now and he loves spending time on his playmat in the evenings.  Baths have become much more enjoyable for him and he’s starting to kick his little legs in the tub, which is so cute.  He’s super animated and is really responsive when we talk and play with him.  He loves his Glo-Worm from Grandma Michele and has started reaching out and trying to touch Glowy’s face when he’s on his changing table!

Such a dapper young man

Tim and I are really looking forward to the weather warming up.  We are excited for the idea of getting outside with Cohen and Moe and playing in the yard and taking walks and all the fun stuff that is so much more accessible…when it’s not -20.

Hope all is well with our faithful readers!  I promise this time it won’t be another 4 weeks before we have another update!

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