A Pinteresting Challenge

I’ve always thought people who crafted were cool – and practical – and all that good stuff. I also knew thought that I would never be able to do anything remotely close to what these people accomplish…but then I came across Pinterest and my un-crafty days are now far behind me.  I think my initial issue with home decorating was that I was under the seriously skewed view of how to go about decorating your home (not that I’m some Jedi Master after a few weeks on Pinterest).  I just figured you had to have money to purchase the best items since there was no way in-you-know-what I was going to be able to craft anything so grand.

Through my pinning, pinning and re-pinning, I somehow came across a spray painted chandelier (more to come on that later), which led me to the super awesome blog of John & Sherry Petersik at Young House Love.  They are beyond amazing when it comes to home redesign and decorating and I have about eleventy million ideas from them.  While browsing their blog I came across someone equally fantastic Katie Bower at Bower Power.  Not only do they both have young kids (about 6 months older than Cohen), they are both crazy DIY-ers and stay at home moms.  I can relate to this now that I’m home with Cohen and trying to pave my way into the whole DIY life.

Of course, when we moved into this house 2 years ago, Tim and I went CRAZYYYY making updates (refinishing the cabinets anyone?), as well as painting a bajillion rooms, scraping wallpaper, hanging light fixtures (yeah, who knew Tim dabbled in electrical work…not this girl!) and overall just trying to make our new digs a comfortable home. And then we stopped.  Completely.  We were burnt out.  I’m sort of a slave driver when we are working, and I can see how we just about killed ourselves with these projects. Sun up ’til sun down we worked.  It was nuts.

But now with Cohen, who has time for major home updates?  Well, that was what I was determined to figure out.  There were still things I wanted to change and make our own (keep in mind, we are renting, so nothing structurally crazy or anything), so I made a list.  A gargantuan list.  Might have made Tim throw up in his mouth a little when read it list.  Luckily, I sent it to him while he was at work, so he had the car ride to stress and de-stress about his involvement in said project list.  But don’t worry – I started without him.

Ok, back to Young House Love and Bower Power.  They were doing a Pinterest Challenge.  Find something you pin – and make your own spin on it.  Seemed easy enough.  I had lots of ideas and thought I’d start with this lamp – affectionately named the funeral home lamp.  I had found this lamp 2ish years ago, on the side of the road.  It is giant (and heavy) and brass with the nastiest ivory drum shade you’ve ever seen.  Of course, for those last 2ish years, I did nothing about it, except complain of it’s ugliness in our front room.  But now that we were using our front room SO much more (more on that later), I wanted to not have ugliness in there!  So I got to pinning.  And here’s what I found! An awesome lamp – not unlike mine.  I can do this right!!

I made a list – burlap, ribbon, flower, spray paint.  Seems easy enough!  I went to my not-as-local-as-I’d-like Hobby Lobby and perused the aisles and purchased the necessary supplies – as well as some supplies for later projects!I took the lamp outside, gave it a wipe down, removed the shade and began spraying.  In retrospect, I should have used a primer first, but it still turned out great, considering.  It took a few coats but in the end, it’s a vast improvement.  Now for the shade – I measured it and then cut the burlap to size.  I could not find my glue gun, so I went redneck style and stapled the burlap around the shade!  I knew I was going to put ribbon around the edges, so that would cover any staple marks.  I made a seam in the back, and folded under with straight pins to create a nice edge!  I then put the ribbon around the edges and added the flower to the top.  The lamp in my inspiration showed 3 flower rosettes made from fabric with embellishments in the center (way cooler than my patent leather flower clip).  I now know how to make felt flowers, which I will be doing soon to replace this clip on version I have now (more on that update later!).

Because I’m new to this whole before and after scenario I don’t have a before picture of the lamp (wahhhh), but I do have an after (HOORAY!).  Below, though, you’ll find a picture from May (Cohen was still soooo teeny tiny) where the funeral home lamp makes a cameo!!  haha.  So ridiculous, I know, but hey, ya do what ya gotta do! Ew, can you even believe we lived with that water stained icky-ness for as long as we did?  EEEK!  In our defense (because now I apparently feel defensive of bad home interiors?) we NEVER used this room – until this past summer when we figured out for a few reasons that it’s a much better “family” room than what would normally be considered the “family” room in our house.  I’ll explain more of that later!

And now, here is the new and much improved version!  Doesn’t it look so much prettier in that corner! A special thanks to my new “friends” Katie and Sherry for their inspiration to start tackling my DIY projects – one at a time – and to Marisa Blakely at A Little Birdy Told Me…for the actual lamp re-do inspiration.  I can’t wait to show what other goodness I’ve been working on, as well as the next Pinterest Challenge!

I hope I’ve helped to inspire you to take on some DIY projects in your home and can’t wait to share more of my adventures and probably misadventures!







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