A Grand Opening

Last week my mom invited us to the Open House Grand Opening of the new Mendota Hospital.  Cohen and I went out there and got the grand tour by the Surgical Services Manager herself (aka my mom), had some dinner in the cafeteria and showed Cohen off to any and all visitors, employees, etc.  The new hospital is absolutely gorgeous and such an upgrade from their current facility. Granted, just about anything would be an upgrade from their current 1950s-nurses-should-still-be-wearing-skirts-cardigans-and-hats because it’s never been updated facility.

Snapped this as Cohen and I were walking up to the front door!

Surgical Services Manager (my mom/Cohen's G-Ma) outside her new office!

Big, ultra fancy OR equipped with machine like a GPS – you tell it what to do – it does it – pretty sweet!

Anyways, I was able to snap a few pictures, too, of the new pad, Mom, Cohen and some pretty fancy machinery!  We were able to see the big MRI machine – from the “Grey’s Anatomy” room as I so inappropriately called it.  Walking in there made me want to talk about stuff so irrelevant to medicine and deal only with personal troubles. haha.  Maybe I watch too much tv?

MRI machine / Grey's Anatomy room – Cohen and G-Ma are clearly all dark and twisty here…

They took the stained glass from the old hospital's chapel for this new chapel – isn't it so pretty?

Cohen had a particularly fun time walking down the hallway with G-Ma.

And he could’ve cared less about the actual tour and looking in rooms and at big equipment.

It was fun night and I was glad we were able to be there for my mom.  She has been working non-stop on this project since she took the position there 3 years ago.  The actual hospital is set to open on December 6, so if you get injured and prefer to go there – try and wait until then – so you can go to the new hospital!

We even attempted getting a normal picture in the photo booth they had – Cohen wasn't so sure – and yes, I'm holding a boa! *poor photo quality apology – we currently do not have a scanner! :/

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