4 Weeks Old Already!

Look at that mean mug!

Holy cow, I can’t believe Cohen is already 4 weeks old.  Time is flying by so quickly, it’s crazy!  He changes every single day and it’s so amazing to watch him learning and growing literally in front of our eyes.

Look at those chubby cheeks and my double chin!

He has recently found his hands, and loves sticking them in his mouth and moving them slowly in front of his face.  You can really see him working to figure out exactly what they are and what they do.  The same goes with his facial expressions when looking at just about anything. When you hold him, you can see him really trying to focus on your face and when he’s on the floor, in his seat or on his playmat, he is always very interested in whatever he can focus his little eyes on.  He particularly loves the ceiling fan in our room.

I love to make faces!

We’ve come to find out that Cohen is not one for silence.  He definitely likes noise, and the second it gets too quiet, especially during his nap, he starts to squirm.  He got a “Sleep Sheep” as a gift, and more recently also a travel version of this, and we’ve found this to be his new best friend.  The Sleep Sheep is a white noise machine, in the form of a super cuddly sheep.  It makes the sounds of a whale, the ocean, rain, or a heartbeat.  This has been great for naps, as well as during his fussy time at night.  It definitely calms him down.  The same goes for his Lamb Seat…or as we call it, Lamby. This seat plays music and vibrates and Cohen just loves this.  This is where he takes his short morning nap because it’s easy for me to cart him around the house with me in this seat, if need be.

Cohen taking his morning nap in Lamby…accompanied by Sleep Sheep!

We recently starting integrating his fancy crib into nap time and Cohen LOVES it.  I think it won’t be long before he starts sleeping in there at night.  He’s a noisy sleeper…lots of grunting and self soothing…this is super cute, but keeps Mommy & Daddy up!  And he really does like his crib and sleeps very well in there, so really it’s just a matter of us being ready for him to not be in our room!

First nap in my big boy crib – I LOVE IT!

On Monday night, Cohen pretty much slept through the night!  He had a very fussy day on Monday due to Mommy eating spicy spaghetti on Sunday night…therefore, when he finally did go down for the night about 10:00, both he and Mommy were out…and Cohen slept until 5:15!!  Needless to say, the whole family was a little bit more refreshed yesterday!  We’re hoping that this trend will start to continue soon…but we know he’s a growing boy and isn’t quite ready for an exact schedule yet.  I do like to make sure to feed him right before I go to bed, though, so his tummy is nice and full and hopefully keeps him calm for a few hours! That’s been working out well and really aside from a few fussy nights, he sleeps for about 4 – 4.5 hours at any given stretch…and we love that!

I'm a happy boy because I got SOOO much sleep!

I think Tim would agree with me when I say that having Cohen in our lives has been so much fun and really even better than we ever thought it would be.  He’s so funny and smart and handsome – and really that’s all just while he naps!  I can’t wait until he actually becomes more active!  We’re all looking forward to the weather warming up, Moe included, when we can get outside with our fancy stroller and start taking walks and exploring!

I’ll leave you with one last picture – of our super smart boy – holding his nuk…

Thank you for checking in!  We hope that all is well with everyone!

Madison, Tim, Moe & Cohen

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