So I had my 3 hour glucose test on Saturday morning…it was pretty exhausting and I was definitely feeling like a human pin cushion, but the good news is that I passed the test!  The doctor’s office called me early this morning to let me know that I’m in the clear there, which was a HUGE relief!  I’m happy to say that it was just a little inconvenience!

This weekend Tim designed the invite for the shower our moms are throwing us.  It turned out super cute and it’ll be nice to be able to put that in the baby’s book as something daddy designed for him!  Two of my friends are throwing me a “friend” shower in November and my boss is throwing me a “studio” shower, as well.  We are so blessed to have so many people surrounding us that want to help us prepare for the baby’s arrival.

On Saturday Tim and I went with friends, Cory & Suzanne, and Suzanne’s sister and brother-in-law, Brian & Amy to Benihana’s in Lombard. This a first time experience for both of us and we had a really great time.  It was nice to get out of Morris for dinner and we had a great time.  The food was delicious and watching them prepare it right before you was so neat!

In other news Tim and I came across a potential great opportunity to purchase a home just a block away from ours on Wallace St. in Morris.  It is a HUD foreclosure, so the benefit there is the chance to purchase for VERY cheap!  We put the bid in on Saturday morning, so we are hoping to hear back either today, or within the next few days at least.  If HUD accepts our bid, then we would have a pretty crazy road ahead of us because of the renovations that would be needed to live there…but we decided that we are putting our faith to the test here and taking a chance because the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences it would cause us for the next 2 months.

The baby has been super active lately.  It’s definitely a crazy experience feeling and seeing him squirm around in there.  It’s almost as if there’s an alien inside my belly!!  He is now weighing in at about 2.2 pounds, and is about 15 inches long…the length of a hothouse english cucumber!  Next week I’ll begin my third trimester, and I must say, I’m pretty excited about that!

This week is Cornfest – or as my dad calls it – CornDaze…the time in which the entire town of Morris forgets that they are civilized and drinks on the street, eats mass amounts of fried food and takes far too many vacation days in a row!  This years Cornfest will be a lot different for me, although I will definitely still enjoy the fried food!  It’s exciting to know that next year at this time, our son will be about 9 months, enjoying his first Cornfest, which is a sort of rite of passage when living in/growing up in Morris!

Thanks again for checking in on us!  We appreciate all the support we’ve received from all our family and friends during this crazy time!  It seems as though even more crazy changes are to come, but we are really excited about them and we realize that we just need to keep our faith strong that there is a plan for us and we will figure it out eventually!

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